February 15, 2016


So you want to be treated special? Who doesn't want? Everybody wants to be treated special, nobody wants to be ignored or treated as garbage. But there are some cases in special treatment. Those who have special treatment have special qualities in them. You can't ask for a special treatment if you are not good at something or if you don't have something great to offer.

That is why big time celebrities, athletes, politicians and businessmen are treated special. It is because they were popular, they can command people and they possess unique and interesting qualities. Everyone wants to be with them, everyone wants to talk to them and they even give them free services just to be with them.

Look at those popular products who give their endorsers incredible special treatment, they give them everything they need such as money, free products, lucrative contracts etc. They do it because their endorsers can make their products' sales go up to the roofs. That is what is special treatment is all about. If you can offer good service then your service will also be rewarded.

You too can have a special treatment even if you are not a celebrity or popular. Just be the best in something and people around you will give you a special treatment. Look at those ordinary employees who were given special treatments by their bosses. It is simply because they are extra ordinary. They work harder than anybody else, their work is accurate and perfect. They never come to work late and their production and contribution to the company is very far from the other employees. If they have some request, their bosses grants it faster than 4am as long as the request is acceptable. Some company even gives higher bonuses to the employees that they love.

Look at the students in college who were smart or not so smart but are hardworking students who thrive in class. They were given a special treatment by their professors, some of their professors give extra time to teach them because they know these students are willing to learn and they are worth teaching. Their lazy classmates are also giving them special treatment because they want to copy answers during exams or if there are assignments. These lazy classmates even protect them from bullies and give them little perks that they deserve.

Anyone can have a special treatment for as long as his value is big and very difficult to ignore. People will treat you nice because they love your service and you make their lives better. You made them feel better and you are one of those few people that can be trusted. You are offering something that interests them and you are not the one whose in need rather you are the one that is needed.

Don't ever ask for special treatment if you have nothing good to offer because people will get mad at you. Don't try to act like a boss if you haven't proved anything yet. Special treatment is given naturally, it is not forced and only the people who deserve it can get it.