February 16, 2016


Everyday you hear hundreds of stories around you. Stories that are either positive or negative. Every story that you entertain has an effect in your life. Sometimes the story that you hear become the story of your day because you think about it very seriously. The worse thing that may happen is you live it your whole life.

You unconsciously live the story that you hear without even noticing it. It is because you think about it, you talk about it and there is an emotion that you connect with that story. Sometimes you feel scared, angry, hurt, happy or affected.

For example you heard a story about an employee that was abused by her boss. You spread the story to your co workers, you become scared, you think about it every now and then. When there is an incident that you feel your boss is mistreating you, even if it is not really a mistreatment you feel like you've been abused. It is because there is a story recorded in your head about the abuse. Even if you are not abused you unconsciously think about it and apply it in your situation.

Another scenario is you read a lot of facebook posts that some are not even real or was just created by ordinary individuals who wants to scare people. You immediately believe it and now your brain cannot recognized what's real or not anymore. You are easily fooled by posts that comes from unreliable sources. It is because you entertain it, even if it is negative you still read the whole story. You are very interested that is why it becomes part of your system. You've read a story about eating chickens will make you a chicken (coward) and now you won't eat it because you want to stay brave. Well believing that story is already a form of cowardice.

If you want to have a life that is in order you better become selective about the stories that you plant inside your head. You should only entertain the stories that are helpful and can make your life better. Stories about rags to riches, how a man lost 25 lbs in 2 months, how to become a good citizen, how to fight a disease. Anything that is positive and will not scare you is a good story to nurture.

We are what we think about, this is true. It is not a saying, it is science proven because our body reacts to how we think. If you are thinking about negative the tendency is your decision making is connected to negativity. The chemistry of your body is not in order and you will also attract a lot of negative situations.

Just be careful with the stories that you entertain. Make sure it is positive and it will make you productive.