February 26, 2016


What is your goal in life? when I say goal, I am talking about the biggest goal, the one that will make you happy. Something that will make your life better and at the same time your family happier, because your family will be the number one people who will be happy for you if you are able to bag your goal.

But wait a minute, there are some mistakes that our society is doing that they don't know are mistakes. They hate to admit to themselves that they don't need to take those steps.

For example in education, what is your goal for taking an education? is it the education itself, is it the love for studying or is it about money? If it is about money then you should stop studying engineering, law or any degree because your goal is to make money. What you need to study is how will you be able to make big money. I don't know if there is some kind of a course about that but all i know is there is an informal education on how to make big money. It can be on you tube, it can be on books or any other materials that has the complete information. It may sounds unrealistic because our society was programmed that you can only make good amount of money if you have a degree.

I've known a lot of engineers and doctors who were as poor as rats because they don't know anything about money. Their goal is to make money but all they know is building buildings and curing patients. Yes it will give you money but your knowledge for making big money is not enough because that is not what you studied.

There is nothing wrong about taking courses if you really like it but if you are just doing it to make some money then you are taking the wrong step. You should only study the thing that interests you and you are passionate about because in the end you will not use that knowledge if you don't like it.

That is why there are doctors who turn out to become nurses in the end. Because their goal from the very beginning is to make money, when they learned that nursing can earn bigger than a doctor...tadah! they shift jobs.

You should know what is your goal and you should know the basic and most effective steps to go there. One big example here is Floyd Mayweather. He knew from the start that he wants to earn money and the only way he know how to get it is through boxing. What he do is he leave the school and become the best boxer in the world. He take the right steps and he live with it. His decision is right because he take the right steps even if it is against by the norms.

So what is your goal? what is your reason for taking the steps that you are taking now? be realistic and don't be shy. Stop acting like you need to take those steps for you to reach your goals. Take the steps that will really give you what you want. If you want money then go ahead and take the closest step for making money. If you want to become an artist then stop doing things that is not related for becoming an artist.