February 18, 2016


Social media is the fakest thing that happen on earth. It is not that bad because it also has some good sides such as: easier to spread the news, easy to contact friends and relatives etc. but social media will make you unnatural. The good thing is it will reveal the other person that you wanted to be.You will reveal your other side through social media because you were so afraid to reveal it in reality.

In social media it is easier to say what you want to say because nobody is listening to you in flesh. Nobody is guarding you. But the problem with it is you are very selective of what you are posting. It is because you want likes and appreciation. You want everyone to praise you and give nice comments. You love to read nice comments from fake people that really don't like you that much, they just want to engage in a discussion and be part of something that gets an attention.

In social media there is a "delayed revelation"of your personality. You will think first what you wanted to post, you will study it carefully, you will check if your selfie is cute, if not you will take a picture again.

You also don't want to reveal the weaker version of you. You don't post your old clothes, ugly shoes, dirty room, not so delicious foods and unpaid bills. You only post what impresses people so they will praise you and become jealous with you. In short, you aim to impress and not to express.

You are also braver in social media, you post something about your enemy but your enemy doesn't know about it. People will give you sympathy and will give you advise that are not really advises, they just wanted to join the conversation. You will act like a tough guy and wants to go in a war but when you see your enemy personally...you will hide in the nearest comfort room and stay there for a long time like you have a 3rd degree LBM.

You will also post some images about your workout, you will sprinkle some water in your face so that you will look very exhausted but in reality you only jog for just 5 mins and drink some soda afterwards.

It is so funny because people act like they are rich, tough, hardworking and cool in social media but the reality is opposite. At the same time it is also good because people are able to express the life and personality that they want, it's just sad because most of the posts are not authentic.