February 26, 2016


You always define yourself by your past. Past always affects your decision today. If you come to think of it, if you will think rationally...Past has no control over you. Past only affects the way you think. Past has manipulated your conscious mind over the years so now is the time to destroy it.

Last year you were benched for the whole game so you think you were not good of a player. You think that your coach is right. But that is out of your control that is why it happens. What you need to do is keep going and do your best. Forget the past because you were far better than yesterday. Past never last, past is just a part of your life but not the definition of your life.

Yesterday you were humiliated by someone because of the way you speak and approach things. But that doesn't mean you're some kind of a weak person, that doesn't mean you are no good. It affects your mind and the way you live because you got embarrassed. You take it so hard and you want to have revenge. My advise is let go of that thought, it is time to move on and live your life without thinking what people say. Just be yourself, do your best and do not change anything about yourself. If you want to make a revenge at someone then you are letting that someone control you. You may not notice it but everyday you are thinking about him, everyday you feel bad because the revenge hasn't yet to happen, everyday you are thinking about the past so you let other good opportunities pass your life.

Stop associating your actions and decisions from the past. Past is just another page of your life and it is already finished so stop thinking about it. Today is a new page, fill it with the best memory that you can ever create. You are the one who will create your definition, you are the one who will decide if you are good or not.