February 26, 2016


Whether you like it or not, opportunity will knock on your door even if you are not ready. Opportunity is not picking any time. If it wants to come to you it will come without permission. When opportunity presents itself in front of you, you should not make any excuses. You should take it regardless of how you feel or whatever condition you are in. Even if you are sick, even if you have other appointments you still need to give way for that opportunity. Because if you pass any single opportunity it may never come back again.

Some people wait for a very long time and opportunity didn't come to them. There are two reasons behind this case, it is either they need to go and chase the opportunity themselves or they didn't wait long enough. Sometimes opportunities will come if the person who waits for it will almost give up.

Opportunity is very playful, it will surprise you or it will make you wait for a very long time. Waiting gets too long because sometimes you don't need to wait for the opportunity instead you have to create it.

Some people were given the opportunity but they were very afraid to take it, they thought they weren't ready and their skills are not good enough, they thought they do not deserve it. What they will do is they will pass and other people will get it. The moment they feel that they are ready...The opportunity is not there anymore. This will leave them very regretful.

If the opportunity knocks on your door it means you deserve it, it means you have what it takes to become successful. Stop thinking if you are ready or not because opportunities doesn't required readiness. It is only asking if you are willing to take it or not.

So if you don't want to waste any opportunity be sure to make yourself ready. Always prepare everyday, commit to improvement so when the opportunity comes, you are not afraid to take it. You know it is your time to shine and you will take your chances.

But if the opportunity that you are waiting for a very long time is not showing up then it only means you have to create your own opportunity. It means waiting is not for you, it means you are the one who will create your destiny.