February 17, 2016


There are some people who were so afraid to share their secrets about being successful. Example of these are the food chains. Mc Donalds will never reveal their recipe in hamburgers, spaghetti and all the foods that they are serving. They were so afraid that their competitors will copy their recipe and some of their customers will stop patronizing them.

Some athletes are not sharing their secret training or drills because they were so afraid that other athletes will also reach their level and even surpass them. I believe that this is a selfish and cowardly act. If you are really a strong person then you don't have to worry if someone is copying your style.

Never mind if your secret was exposed because you don't even know if the people who discovered it will use it. You don't even know if they can do it better than you.

It is not a matter of what recipe, training, methods etc. to use. It is a matter of execution. Who will do it better, who will work harder that is the secret. And even if they stole your secret, is your technique compatible with them? Are they willing to do it every day and enjoy doing it? Someone's style may not fit to others.

Again don't worry if others area copying your style, be worried if they are also copying your attitude because both of you will have the same level.