February 26, 2016


Why are you complaining? why are you complaining about your situation? You are the one who bring a bunch of shits into your life. You are the one who is responsible for your shitty situation right now.

You are complaining to your friends that your salary is not enough to provide for your family but when I come into your house, I see your mother in law, sister in law and some children that is not yours. You are feeding people that shouldn't be fed and now you are complaining that your salary is not enough? You bring bullshits to your life and you're acting like a super hero. Your house is not a feeding program so get rid of people that is out of your responsibility. It is not bad to help people if you can and if you have a lot of money but if your salary is just enough for your family then don't add any other people in your house.

You already have a boyfriend but you still entertain suitors. And when your boyfriend found out that you are flirting with another man he breaks you. Now you are crying like a bitch and asking for his forgiveness. You already have the love but you still look for another love. Don't cry because there is no one else to blame but you. You complicate your relationship so now you lose your partnership.

You said that you don't have enough time to review your lessons that is why you fail in your exam. But the reality is everytime your daddy enter your room he always caught that you are playing Xbox and checking FB messages in your iPad. So now tell me are you really running out of time or are you making your time run out? You bring the complication and that is the conclusion.

Your business is already good and it's giving you a lot of money then one day you listen to a friend of yours how to make your business even stronger even though you don't know too much about the idea yet. You add this and add that even though you are not sure on what you are doing. One day you found out that your business is in jeopardy. You already have it then you lose it because you add complications. You listen to people who have no idea on what they are doing.

Life is very simple you are the one who is making it complicated. If you will just do the basics and stop adding bullshits into your life then you will have no burden. It is ok to grow and try new things in life but make sure what you are trying will not make your situation worse.

You already have a good life, it may be simple and plain but your problem are just minors. It is time for you to realize that you are the one who made your own situation worse and not the people around you. Grow up and act in your age, if you don't want a life that is complicated get rid of the useless things inside of your head.