February 12, 2016


Sometimes you have to stop pursuing your dream because you need to prioritize other things that are more important at the moment. For example you wanted to become a singer but you also need to support your family. We all know that if you have no name yet then your talent fee is very low, Sometimes you even need to sing for free in different bars just to see if there is a talent scout looking for someone like you but you can't do that everyday.

Sometimes you have to make a choice and choose the path that will give you an air to breathe for the moment. You can't just be singing everyday and wait for the attraction to come. You also need to earn something for your basic needs. Let's be realistic here, you can't sing if you have no roof to live in, you can't sing if you are always hungry, you can't sing if there is no electric in your house.

What you need to do is take a path that will give you a higher chance to take the path for your dreams. Do something that will give you money first but always make the connection alive to your dreams. What do I mean by this? even if you are doing some other things make sure your dream is not forgotten. Find a time on how to practice your craft everyday. Even if you are so busy, you have to make the connection alive. You still have to get better everyday.

Doing some other things doesn't mean you are giving up on your real dream. You just need to do something else in order to survive. But always keep the main thing the main thing. Don't ever forget your dreams, not even for a single day. Always keep the fire alive, you can practice everyday, look for talent scouts, join contests etc. The main idea here is you are working for other things but that work is really for your dreams.