February 17, 2016


Let's be realistic again here. Those people who have a lot of money can do more things than others that don't have a lot. This is realistically speaking. Think of your car, your car that has no set up. You want to make it look bad ass but can you do it if you don't have extra money? DEFINITELY NOT. You can add speakers, side skirts, spoilers, fancy mags etc. if you have a lot of money. Your car will look unique if you dress it and add the necessary accessories to make it bad ass, only if you have money.

If you have money you can go to the places that you haven't seen before. You can travel, you can recreate, you can have more fun. You can become a tourist that tours everyday. You can travel around the world isn't if fun?

With money you can learn what you want to learn, given that you can't learn by yourself. You can enroll in different university. You can take as many courses as you want, you can study everything. You can study arts, culinary, business and any other things that interests you.

With lots of money you can also have a style. You can have a lot of clothes to choose from, you can become really creative when it comes to fashion because you have a lot of options. You can pair different clothes and shoes. You will look really fantastic. You will never feel scarcity in clothes, you always have a ready to wear for different occasions.

Another great example is presentation, may it be a concert or just an ordinary event. A presentation with huge budget really looks good, there are lot of props, effects etc. It looks really good and attractive compared to an even that has a very limited budget. The event with huge budget will standout and will create a story. People will be amazed at its creative presentation and it will always be remembered.

The lesson here is with more you can do more. I am not saying that money is the only thing that can make you creative. You can also become very creative with your limited resources but with more money life will be easier and options are unlimited.

The challenge here is how can you become creative with lesser money? It is possible but more effort, time and hard work is needed. It is ok because it is also very fun using the limited resources that you have. In this position your mind will be stretched and your resourcefulness will be tested.