February 25, 2016


You thought that being lazy and being ok with yourself without doing anything will never harm you. If you will think rationally, yeah it is true. What is wrong with just watching TV and eating a bunch of shits for 8 hours?. Yeah there is nothing wrong with that, it is your money, you didn't ask for anyone to buy you a pop corn and you are also the one whose paying the electric bills. There is nothing wrong with that, you didn't steal money, you didn't harm any neighbor. You are such a peaceful man, there is nothing wrong with that.

But... there is a big but here. Being lazy and not engaging yourself into useful or more meaningful activity will harm you in the end. The worse thing is you might get crazy. I am not scaring you but this is true, LAZINESS will lead to CRAZINESS.

Look at those bunch of idiots who never put themselves into activities that will make them sweat. Look at those obese people, those overweight people, they do not even know what to do. Laziness is controlling them, they live their lives in an auto pilot. They don't even know that they already ate 5 boxes of chocolates while watching TV. They just eat and eat. Later they will make a resolution for themselves that will never come true. A make believe resolution that they will cut weight. They will buy a bunch of products, equipments, drugs that will not help them, it will make their lives even worse because they invest on products not on themselves. They will get frustrated, depressed and will put blame on products that didn't work for them. They will look every now and then at the mirror and curse themselves. What a way to live life, this is what laziness can do to your life. It will take away the balance that your body needs and it will make your brain numb.

If you will not force yourself to do what is needed and if you will not engage in some activities that will give you a little bit of stress like exercise then your brain will not function very well. You will feel so heavy, depressed and unfulfilled. It is because our life needs a little hardship, it needs some kind of a challenge. We need to make our body parts function or else it will malfunction in the end.

Take time to run at least 30 mins a day or if you cannot run then just walk. Do something that will make you sweat. Pushing yourself will make you a little bit stress but the reward after doing it is phenomenal. You will feel lighter and your mood will be much much better. That is why people who were just sitting the whole day have bad energies, they feel very heavy and they were so hot headed. It is because there is something wrong in their system, their body is searching for something that they do not know. That is why they always look for some kind of a stress relievers such as foods, alcohols, video games and any other things that will give them temporary pleasure but will make their situation worse.

You know in yourself if you are lazy or not. You cannot make excuses such as you have no time or you don't feel right. The right feeling will never come unless you take action. If you keep on postponing what you need to do then the snowball of laziness will become bigger and bigger. It will come to the point where you are so really depressed and you want to end your life. I am not scaring you but it is the reality, look at those people who were so lazy...They make excuses, they blame the people around them, they use the faults of others as a cover up for their screwed life. They cannot move anymore because they were so engaged in bad habits. They will take drugs and numb themselves to avoid the negative emotion that they are experiencing at the moment.

Exercise is the best medication, whatever type of exercise it is just do it. May it be walking, crawling or just a simple jumping jack just do it. It doesn't matter if your exercise is not on a higher level what matters is you are sweating and your body is moving. Movement is improvement, movement will avoid you from being insane, movement is the key for living a better life.