February 02, 2016


I understand if you are confused. You want to start something and you don't know where to start. It is normal, no one in this world has figured out everything right away when he is about to start something. Confusion is part of the progression.

Just do something that makes sense. If you want to quit your job then just apply online. Make a good resume then pass it. It makes sense right? you are in the right direction. Don't think about anything else. Stop thinking about what if no one reads your resume. Just pass your resume to all the companies that interests you. Make sure you pass as many as you can, now you have a momentum, just keep it going. The next step will be revealed if someone replies on you.

You want to make some money but you don't know what to do? Ok, just look around your surrounding what do you see? Is there something in your house that you can sell? if there is then sell it online, just sell it. You do something that makes sense so don't worry about what will happen next, just wait for the messages that says "I am interested in your product". If you don't have something to sell then step out from your house, walk and be attentive to your surroundings. Look for a signage that says "we are hiring" if you found one then you know what to do, stop acting like a stone and go apply for the job.

If you need to court a girl and you are very shy, again just do the thing that makes sense. Just ask for her number, if you can't do it then ask your friend to do it for you. if she didn't give the number then what is the next thing to do? give here some chocolates or flowers. It may sounds corny to others but it is the right thing to do, you need to make the girl feel something, you nee to make here blush. The only thing that makes sense is to make a move that will bring you closer to her, so whatever it is that you think is right do it.

We tend to complicate things because we over think and we think too far ahead. All we need to do is do one thing that is the easiest but will give us momentum. DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES SENSE the next step will reveal itself.