February 18, 2016


Anyone can feel good when the situation is very smooth, when there is no problem and every sequence is moving according to what they desire. Anyone can become confident and arrogant once winning is on their sight. Most people are easily tricked by good situations, they thought they are good too, they though that the situation will last forever that is why there were very scared when the situation turn around and bad feelings starts to sink in.

Just like in basketball, if your team is ahead by a large margin, most of your teammates feels that they are all star players, they were cocky, they were mocking the other team and they feel like they've already won. But when the lead is trim down or the other team steal the lead they all become quiet. They transform into puppies from being wolves. In the beginning of the game while the ride is going smooth they were all noisy but when the pressure sets in they crumble and behave like a child being afraid to get spank.

In life if you are pursuing big things there is no way you can't feel some kind of pressure. Success is paired with pressure so you must know how to control your emotions or relax your mind once the going gets tough.

Successful people are always calm during pressure. Elite athletes, politicians, businessmen and any other big individuals never crumble when emotions are high. It is ok with them to feel bad because they know they don't have to fight it. They just have to feel it until it is gone.

You should still feel good about being uncomfortable because that is the only way to live pressure. Pressure will pressure you more if you are fighting it. That is why when someone is drowning in a swimming pool, only a few seconds and the were already drowned, it is because they do not relax their minds. They are panicking, they are fighting the situation. If they only knew how to relax themselves then their breathing will last longer and the situation will get better.

One big example is Anderson Silva, a former UFC middleweight champion. This guy fights like a water, he is very calm, relax and not forcing the situation. Even if his back is against the wall he always knew what to do. There are times when he was almost submitted by his opponent but he still managed to escape defeat and pull another historic victory. It seems like he is playing in danger. He stands straight, he is very loose, creative and not afraid of getting hit. Some people even say that he can read his opponent's mind. That is why he is a legend. He has a very strong mind and he never panics during dangerous moments.

If you can enjoy pressure situation then you already have a big advantage. People will feel your invincibility and you can think clearly and positively even if there are lot of things on the line. Never wish for an easy route because there will never be, always wish for incredible endurance, mental toughness and insane ability to handle tough situations. If you can develop all of these then for sure you will become very successful.