February 26, 2016


You have a bad habit that you want to get rid of. The best time to remove it from your system is now. The moment you postpone, the bigger the chances of your habit getting worse. It is really hard really really hard because your mind is performing in an auto pilot that is why your bad habit seems like it controls your life.

You don't need a certain event to happen before you stop your bad habit. Some people are waiting for something like: if they get a job they will stop drinking alcohol everyday. If they get sick they will stop smoking, if they get rich then they will work harder and stop procrastinating.

Stopping a bad habit doesn't need something from someone. If you want to stop a bad habit then do it now because your tomorrow will never end if you keep on postponing it. Your tomorrow will arrive at the end on the year and then you will swear to just get rid of it next year. The cycle will never end until you die.

Just stop it, just try to stop that shit NOW. It is hard but if you really want to change your life then you should face it now and stop acting like a PUSSY.