February 12, 2016


Confidence is what separates legends from winners. Confidence is all you need to become successful in a different level. If you want to become really great then your confidence must have a slight edge from others because there are lot of people out there who were as confident as you. If your opponent and you have the same confidence level then it will be very hard for you to beat him. What you need to do is destroy his confidence in order to win. Here are some tips to destroy your opponent's confidence:

1. TRASH TALK - this is an old school type of confidence destroyer. People who does this are really tough and prepared for a dog fight. Don't do this if you are not willing to back up what you said. This can destroy your opponent's confidence especially if the words that you said to him is something personal. Meanwhile it can also backfire to you because if your trash talking is not that good, instead of destroying the spirit of your opponent your words might serve as motivation so you really must be good at this.

2. OUTWORK HIM - if your opponent sees that you are a workhorse then he will feel that he is weaker than you. If you can display an image of not getting tired you will drain his energy and become triumphant in the end. Those who display tireless work are very scary because people do not know when will they get tired. They release an invincible energy that affects their opponent and make them look very scary.

3. ATTACK HIS WEAKNESS - if you can study your opponent's weaknesses and attack it then you will surely win. His confidence will fall and will break like a glass. It is because people doesn't want their weaknesses to be exposed. If people feel that their weaknesses has been attacked then their mindset will become different, they will think of another strategy and of course they will get confused. Their game plan has been destroyed, they will never move the same way again.

4. BE THE FIRST STRIKER - being the first who attack may stun your opponent especially if your move is really bold, powerful and vicious. Most people are reading their opponent's gesture so they are not willing to attack first. If you can attack first with bad intentions then you may put your opponent into freeze and dominate him right away.

Confidence plays a major role for anyone's victory so if you can master it and play it with then you have a big advantage. Always master your confidence, your body language and adaptability to any situation if you want to win. Sometimes it is not all about hardwork and using brute force. It is also about being smooth, mentally tough and confident all the time.