February 22, 2016


If you work so hard and your belief is not that strong then you will never succeed. As simple as that. That is why there are lot of hardworkers out there who kill themselves in training, studying, doing their job for 15 hours a day but still their accomplishment is very little. It is true that hardwork pays off but you still got to have confidence so you can express yourself and impose your will. If you have no confidence then your ideas will be kept inside of a box that will never be opened forever. You will become very conservative in your actions and your decision making will be based on what people are expecting. At the same time you will not become very competitive and you will become a follower who wants to lead but cannot speak.

On the other hand, if you are very confident but the amount of work you are putting in is not enough then you will also fail. All you will do is talk and talk and talk. Talk about your greatness, talk about how you will do it. You will become very cocky and you will be blinded by your won belief. Sometimes your cockiness only served as a cover up for not working hard. Your belief is unreal because your effort is not enough.

The key to become successful is balance. Your amount of hardwork should equal your amount of belief. You cannot succeed if one is greater than the other. The good thing is you can work as hard as you can and you can also develop your confidence as much as you can. It is just a matter of being patient and staying committed on your journey.