February 25, 2016


Following someone's routine and style may not be effective for you so be aware of it. As individuals we are all unique, we don't have a clone. Even twins have different personalities and they have their own unique trademark.

It is not necessary to follow all what the guru say. If he says run for 8 hours a day, will you do it? if he says it is the only to become super strong will you still do it? well if you believe in it then probably you will but at some point you will become sick and tired of doing it. If it comes to the point where you don't wanna do it anymore then it means that routine is not for you. If you love doing something then you will never get tired of doing it even if you already repeated it a million times.

You are the one who should build your own process. You can mix things up. If some coach says that you must stop watching TV and you should train 8-10 hours a day, if it is effective to you and it is giving you good results then do it but if your soul is against it then don't do it. You can do 3 hours of training then stop and have some fun for an hour, do whatever you want then go back to training again. Do another 3-4 hours of training then rest. You can mix things up. They key here is you have to find a pattern or combination that will motivate you and not deplete you.

If you are pursuing a goal, you might watched some videos on you tube that says you should go all out, separate yourself from the pack and work 24 hours a day. That is very effective for sure but what if it is not effective for you? What if you can do it for just three days then you will get depleted and overwhelmed by the stress that it brings? Sometimes overworking is also self killing.

It is time for you to look for something that will last. A process that will make you do it even if you sore, even if you feel a lot of stress. It can be working while eating something, working while listening to music, mix things up and find what works for you. And also make sure that your process is healthy and won't burn you in the long run. Make sure your health won't get affected.

You are the one who is responsible for the chemistry that will make your life better. It applies in all aspects of life. Even in your social life, you can have all friends that are kind and trustworthy but if it is not giving you success because your circle is boring you can change it. You can have a circle that is half kind and half badass, if it will make you motivated then go ahead. If having a rotten tomato in your circle will make you pumped up and will make you enjoy life more then go ahead and look for some useless people.

It also applies in health, you can become a vegetarian but if you feel that your body is deteriorating then break the rules. You can still call yourself a vegetarian but you eat meat during sundays. You can have a cheat day. It is your body, you know what is the best for you. You have to find what makes your life better, stop following the norms.

It is your sole responsibility to find what will work for you. You can listen to different gurus but if their way of living is not effective to your liking then dump them. Find your own chemistry, don't be afraid to mix things up and try new ways. At the end of the day you will still find if following the norms makes your life better or following your intuition brought you into a different dimension.