February 16, 2016


Sometimes we think so much about failing that we cannot do the necessary preparations or steps to become successful. And even during preparation we also think about the failure. I don't know what is it with the thought of failure that it becomes so addictive and people got magnetized by it. During big events, during competition, during job interviews or business meetings, people always think about failing and that is why they fail.

Now I've found a solution that will avoid you from thinking about failing and it is to exhaust yourself. Yeah, what you read is true, exhaust yourself. If you don't feel exhausted you will still have time thinking about failing.

During preparation for a competition or an event. You must come to the point where you were so tired and you want to rest. Because when you come to that level where you cannot move your body anymore, it means you've given everything you've got. Confidence will increase and thinking about failing will diminished.

If you got tired everyday by pursuing your goals you will no longer think about failure. You will tell to yourself "I cannot fail anymore because I've given a lot of work for this, I got this. I know I will prevail". That is the only thought that will enter your mind if you exhaust yourself. You will naturally build a mindset of wanting it so bad because there is a lot of time that you put in just to become successful.

Also when you exhaust yourself, all you think about is resting. And you can only rest if you win so there is no other option but to think about winning.

If you also exhaust yourself it means you really want it, it means the goal is very important to you. Look at those people who were not exhausted, they look like marshmallows that cannot even break an old bark. It is because they do not prepare well. They have an easy life that will give them the hard life later.

Don't be afraid to get exhausted because that exhaustion will give you determination. That exhaustion will give you extra motivation. You will become proud of the countless hours that you grind and failure will have no room in your mind.