February 18, 2016


Don't ever make excuses even if your excuse is a little bit true. Because every time you make an excuse... it will become a habit, a habit that is very hard to get rid of.

For example in public speaking, yes it is really scary to speak infront of public, you will have butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes it feels like you need to take a comfort room and dump something from your stomach but the reality is there is nothing wrong with your stomach. It is just a normal feeling when you're nervous. And what will you do is, if you can delay the public speaking you will do it because you will tell them that you are not feeling well. Well if you keep on doing this, the butterflies in your stomach will never leave you. Everytime you need to speak infront of public, the same feeling will be experienced again. You will make excuses again and the worse is your fear grows bigger and bigger. You will use that excuse over and over again.

Another example - headache. Just a little headache makes you pretend that you are feeling really bad, you will tell your mom about it with a little bit of acting. And what your mom will tell you is this: "Oh honey, don't go to classes today, you might get sicker, just stay in our home, I will prepare a hot chicken soup for you" wow! so sweet, the babying of a teenager starts again. Stop doing this shit because everytime you feel lazy you will use this excuse over and over again.

Just a little flu, just a little backpain or whatever pain it is that even a nursery child can endure, you will use it to excuse yourself from doing what you need to do.

It's time to grow up, those little pain, those little excuses may serve you for a while but it is stopping you from growing, it is stopping you from experiencing life. Those excuses will make you softer than a cotton candy. It will become your habit, it will grow bigger and bigger and the worse thing is you will find excuses in every situation to make your life a little bit comfortable.