February 01, 2016


Everybody wants an easy life who does not want? I maybe lying if I will say I want a hard life. of course everyone wants to get rich quick, everyone wants to have the most luxurious cars and houses in a very short period of time. It is possible to become rich easily, you can buy a lottery ticket and pray 100 times a day to win, it is easy and possible but the percentage is very low. You can even rob a bank and bag those millions but the question is can you escape after doing that? do you think your life will be spared after doing that? and do you think you can still live a normal life after being labeled as a wanted criminal?

That is why there are lots of people out there who were trying to encourage you to become rich. It is because people wants to earn a lot without working a lot. People are easily get fooled by this scammers who came out from nowhere. They know that people desperately wants to become millionaires in an instant so they build some programs and marketing campaigns that will make people bite it. 

You easily believed that you can earn a 20% interest in just three months after investing a certain amount of money. You easily get fooled by the sweet words of these scammers that will get bitter in the end. They were so kind while they are still encouraging you but when their true colors were revealed... you cannot even find their shadow. They were like ninjas that cannot be seen when you need to withdraw your money. They were like serpents that were so slippery and cannot be touched when you need to hold them.

I was once victimized by these scammers because I wanted to earn money so fast. That laziness made me moneyless. If you don't want to get victimized then you should keep in mind that you can't earn something without working. 

They will promise you high interest for just low deposits. This is too good to be true, even banks will not give a 1% interest in one month and yet they will promise you 20% interest in one month or so. You cannot make money walk and let it multiply without sweating a little bit. The equation is the more you sweat the more money will come. Those who preach an easy life are fraud. End of the discussion.