February 26, 2016


If you don't want to get bullied or ignored like a rag then be dominant in your circle. In a group there is always someone who is strong and someone whose weak. The strong ones have all the attention of the group, they were respected and given a special treatment while the weak ones were the ones who were always bullied, being push around, subject of a joke and not recognized when absent.

You will become dominant in your circle if you are the best in something that your group is interested. For example you are the best in playing some kind of an instrument, best in basketball, or any particular sports etc. They will treat you nice because they can get something or learn something from you. Once they are benefiting something from you then you will have the authority.

There are some traits that you may possess that will make you a dominant person such as good in making jokes, being the kindest, being the most well dressed, being the most generous but be aware because some of your friends will abuse you. If you have a trait that is on a highest level then you can become dominant as long as that trait is positive and not abusing anyone.

It is good to become dominant but again, as I have said you should not abuse your power and become a power tripper because in the end your friends will get annoyed at you.