February 01, 2016


To avoid useless altercations with anyone just agree to what they say then just laugh at it in your mind. It is not that you cannot defend yourself but you just don't have time for useless argumentation that will drain away your energy.

Just pretend that you agree with them, it is not being plastic. It is avoiding such debate that will lead to nowhere. There is no winner in a debate because it is endless. Debate is a useless conversation because nobody wants to listen. Nobody wants to admit that he is wrong.

Not trying to win an argumentation will make you a winner. Being quiet and knowing the truth is the real power. It is not the one who is loud in an argumentation that really wins, it is the one who doesn't need to prove anything else because he already knows the truth and he live with it.

It is also fun to see someone talking a lot and watching him making lies. he may deceive people at first but the truth will always be revealed in the end. People will discover the reality and the one who isn't telling the truth will not be trusted anymore.