February 10, 2016


Things are rough and it makes me cough
It just makes me laugh, I'm a guy whose tough.

I am intelligent, I have my own judgement
Nothing can make me quit I will use my wit

No time to complain about the pain, I am here to remain
Til dusk til dawn I will never groan.

Be the judge but I will never remove my badge
Success is ingrained on my mind, I am here to grind.

I may not be the best but I feel I'm the greatest.
Any challenge is easy it feels like slaying a pussy

Nobody knows me but I feel no worry
Support I don't need it, I am here to prove it

The crowd is so loud they want me to feel unproud
That ain't gonna happen coz I'm here to make things happen

If you don't believe in me, it's ok just go away
Those who stay with me will always be free

Give me a high five I am still alive
They thought I couldn't make it but I can fake it till I make it

I'm for real, I am the big deal
I am going for the kill, I will make them feel

I don't need an introduction, my action is my potion
I don't need an approval coz my works are magical

I can take 100 take, I can eat a poisonous snake
Despite of every mistake that I did, they still follow my lead

Rain rain don't go away, it's still easy for me if you decided to stay
Every pain is an instrument to my reign, every test makes me give my best.