February 25, 2016


Are you sick and tired of getting the same results over and over again despite of working hard? Do you come to the point where you almost give up because you can't see any result? Anyone who pursue his goal also feel the same way as you do. After months or years of grind of course you deserve to ask for rewards. But sometimes the more you ask for it the more it becomes elusive. Sometimes success is asking something from you that you do not know. You need to reinvent yourself a little bit.

For example you need to add a little swagger into your game so your coach will have confidence in you. Another example is you need to change the color of your hair so you can be accepted fast as a fashion model. Sometimes small details like those are needed just to change your momentum a little bit. Sometimes you need to change the way you speak or the way you dress, if it will give you an edge then just do it.

The most effective reinvention for yourself is go harder. For example you study for 3 hours a day and yet not getting the results you want, it is time for you you to study 4 hours a day. If you are lifting 25 lbs everyday and still not feeling powerful then it is time for you to lift 50 lbs. It is just a matter of adding something to your routine and waiting for the results to happen.

You can reinvent your self anytime you want just make sure it is a positive reinvention and not something that will make you weak. A little tweak in your routine can become a game changer. Just remember that if you are not seeing any results from the routine that you are doing then it is time for you to change something.