February 18, 2016


This is the most ugly mistake that a lot of people do...they are very loyal to the company that they are working, the are grinding 14 hours a day, sometimes working without pay, they worked during holidays, they wipe their boss' ass and kiss the foot of the company's president. After working for 7 or more years did they get rich? After giving their whole life to the company and become a slave did they fulfill their dreams? did they reach their full potential?

Some companies are really mean. They fire some employees for speaking about the truth, they don't want other employees to smell their fishy activities. They even fire employees that are working for a long time because they said that their salary is already big and their heads are hard, the company cannot manipulate them anymore.

Look at the NBA teams, once a player is strong they will love him and give him special treatment but once the player is old and grey and has knees that are cracking they will immediately trade him or waived him. It doesn't matter if a player plays for 10 or more years for a team, once he is weak he is done. Is this how company repay someone who serve them for a long time? trashing him like a garbage?

My greatest advise is don't love your company too much because it will not love you back. Once you get old, once they get threatened by your self decision making then they will get rid of you. They will not hesitate to trash you once you are a thorn to their throat. These companies are concerned more with money and not with their employees so do not invest too much time for them.

Invest more time for yourself, make yourself great, prepare while you are still strong and young so the moment they get rid of you... you will not cry like a baby and get hungry.