February 11, 2016


"I don't have time" this is the most common phrase that people used to excuse themselves from getting blamed or refrain from doing the things that they must do. They always tell that scarcity of time is the main reason why they didn't catch a meeting or they fail to commit in a commitment. Since people are making a lot of lousy excuses why time is making their life miserable then I will give five effective ways to have more time, these are very effective and will surely make your lives easier. Your career will go far and you can do a lot of things, here are they:

1. MASTER YOUR WORK - Once you master your work you will save a lot of time, a work that was supposed to be done in 8 hours can be done in just 5 hours or even three. You should master almost if not all the little steps in your work. For example if you are working in an office and you are doing paper works or something like that. You should be fast in typing, researching and any other tasks related in paper works. You can't be at a novice level because you will be left behind and deadlines will eat you. If you can master your work then any hard tasks will be very easy for you and there will be more time for other tasks.

2. DO YOUR BEST - by having the attitude of always doing your best then you don't have to repeat any mistakes. There is no need for revisions of work. Mistakes will be avoided and you don't need to double check because you are very confident in your work. You know that everything is alright and everything is well ironed so there is no need for obsessive compulsive related behaviors. The result is more time is saved.

3. TAKE IT SLOW, NEVER RUSH - If you are always rushing then there is a tendency to commit mistakes. if you are working on something just enjoy it, always be attentive and take one step at a time. Committing mistakes will double your work, the worse thing that may happen is you have to repeat the whole process for just the little mistake that you accidentally commit in the final stage of your work. Rushing is not making the task faster it is only making the percentage of error higher.

4. PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONG - This one is simple but true. Putting back the things where it originally belong will save you a lot of time. There are lots of time being wasted by finding the things that are lost. It can be hours days or even weeks finding a small eraser. It can be very time consuming and frustrating. Once you get frustrated you will lose focus and once you lose focus you will not notice that you've wasted a lot of time thinking about things that are not so important. Your mind will fly and  it will be harder for you to finish a simple task.

5. BE SELFISH IN YOUR TIME - If you want to have more time then be selfish in your time, own your time. You can't be attending all the parties that you were invited. You can't be helping all the people when they need you. Prioritize yourself first so you will have a lot of time doing your own project. Reject some invitations from nonsense events. Be hard to convince and have a reputation of not easy to get. Make a self image of always busy so that people will hesitate to disturb you.

So that's it, those are the best ways to have more time, if you can master those 5 techniques then your life will drastically improve and you will notice that you have more time to do more tasks.