February 27, 2016


A victory without any pain or hardship is like winning a lottery. You do not know if you deserve it or not. Yes it is easy but there is no growth added into your resume. You cannot be proud of it nor cannot tell it to your children because a victory that is given is like eating a dead chicken.

February 27, 2016


All the people in the world wants to become super rich. It is because they don't want to work anymore, they thought that if they have all the money in the world then they don't need to work anymore. The reality is not. Sometimes the people who has a lot of money are the busiest people in the world, it is mainly because they are not satisfied with what they have. And also they have a lot of responsibilities that if they fail to do will make them go back at being poor.

If you are super rich and you cannot balance your time in work and family/friends then you won't be happy. You will be trapped in a rat race or vicious circle that you cannot escape.

Even if you are already a millionaire and you don't need money anymore you still have to work on different areas of your life. You need to work on your health, you need to exercise and be healthy so you can have a long time enjoying your fruits of labor. You also need to work on your relationships because people around you also needs your time and not only the money that you have. You also need to check your business every now and then, you can't just sit in your couch all day long everyday because if you do that you will become weak, unmotivated and possibly go back at being poor. People who stop working is always looking for something and they feel that something is missing in their lives even though they have all the things that they want.

Look at those celebrities, athletes that were already rich. They still work because they love doing it and it gives balance to their lives. For them not working is a sin and it means you are wasting your life.

Work is part of our daily lives so people who strive for becoming rich to avoid work is making a mistake. Working hard to avoid work in the future will make you even do more work. Attached work in your life, accept it as a gift because if you can no longer work it means death is around.

February 26, 2016


Why are you complaining? why are you complaining about your situation? You are the one who bring a bunch of shits into your life. You are the one who is responsible for your shitty situation right now.

You are complaining to your friends that your salary is not enough to provide for your family but when I come into your house, I see your mother in law, sister in law and some children that is not yours. You are feeding people that shouldn't be fed and now you are complaining that your salary is not enough? You bring bullshits to your life and you're acting like a super hero. Your house is not a feeding program so get rid of people that is out of your responsibility. It is not bad to help people if you can and if you have a lot of money but if your salary is just enough for your family then don't add any other people in your house.

You already have a boyfriend but you still entertain suitors. And when your boyfriend found out that you are flirting with another man he breaks you. Now you are crying like a bitch and asking for his forgiveness. You already have the love but you still look for another love. Don't cry because there is no one else to blame but you. You complicate your relationship so now you lose your partnership.

You said that you don't have enough time to review your lessons that is why you fail in your exam. But the reality is everytime your daddy enter your room he always caught that you are playing Xbox and checking FB messages in your iPad. So now tell me are you really running out of time or are you making your time run out? You bring the complication and that is the conclusion.

Your business is already good and it's giving you a lot of money then one day you listen to a friend of yours how to make your business even stronger even though you don't know too much about the idea yet. You add this and add that even though you are not sure on what you are doing. One day you found out that your business is in jeopardy. You already have it then you lose it because you add complications. You listen to people who have no idea on what they are doing.

Life is very simple you are the one who is making it complicated. If you will just do the basics and stop adding bullshits into your life then you will have no burden. It is ok to grow and try new things in life but make sure what you are trying will not make your situation worse.

You already have a good life, it may be simple and plain but your problem are just minors. It is time for you to realize that you are the one who made your own situation worse and not the people around you. Grow up and act in your age, if you don't want a life that is complicated get rid of the useless things inside of your head.

February 26, 2016


What is your goal in life? when I say goal, I am talking about the biggest goal, the one that will make you happy. Something that will make your life better and at the same time your family happier, because your family will be the number one people who will be happy for you if you are able to bag your goal.

But wait a minute, there are some mistakes that our society is doing that they don't know are mistakes. They hate to admit to themselves that they don't need to take those steps.

For example in education, what is your goal for taking an education? is it the education itself, is it the love for studying or is it about money? If it is about money then you should stop studying engineering, law or any degree because your goal is to make money. What you need to study is how will you be able to make big money. I don't know if there is some kind of a course about that but all i know is there is an informal education on how to make big money. It can be on you tube, it can be on books or any other materials that has the complete information. It may sounds unrealistic because our society was programmed that you can only make good amount of money if you have a degree.

I've known a lot of engineers and doctors who were as poor as rats because they don't know anything about money. Their goal is to make money but all they know is building buildings and curing patients. Yes it will give you money but your knowledge for making big money is not enough because that is not what you studied.

There is nothing wrong about taking courses if you really like it but if you are just doing it to make some money then you are taking the wrong step. You should only study the thing that interests you and you are passionate about because in the end you will not use that knowledge if you don't like it.

That is why there are doctors who turn out to become nurses in the end. Because their goal from the very beginning is to make money, when they learned that nursing can earn bigger than a doctor...tadah! they shift jobs.

You should know what is your goal and you should know the basic and most effective steps to go there. One big example here is Floyd Mayweather. He knew from the start that he wants to earn money and the only way he know how to get it is through boxing. What he do is he leave the school and become the best boxer in the world. He take the right steps and he live with it. His decision is right because he take the right steps even if it is against by the norms.

So what is your goal? what is your reason for taking the steps that you are taking now? be realistic and don't be shy. Stop acting like you need to take those steps for you to reach your goals. Take the steps that will really give you what you want. If you want money then go ahead and take the closest step for making money. If you want to become an artist then stop doing things that is not related for becoming an artist.

February 26, 2016


You always define yourself by your past. Past always affects your decision today. If you come to think of it, if you will think rationally...Past has no control over you. Past only affects the way you think. Past has manipulated your conscious mind over the years so now is the time to destroy it.

Last year you were benched for the whole game so you think you were not good of a player. You think that your coach is right. But that is out of your control that is why it happens. What you need to do is keep going and do your best. Forget the past because you were far better than yesterday. Past never last, past is just a part of your life but not the definition of your life.

Yesterday you were humiliated by someone because of the way you speak and approach things. But that doesn't mean you're some kind of a weak person, that doesn't mean you are no good. It affects your mind and the way you live because you got embarrassed. You take it so hard and you want to have revenge. My advise is let go of that thought, it is time to move on and live your life without thinking what people say. Just be yourself, do your best and do not change anything about yourself. If you want to make a revenge at someone then you are letting that someone control you. You may not notice it but everyday you are thinking about him, everyday you feel bad because the revenge hasn't yet to happen, everyday you are thinking about the past so you let other good opportunities pass your life.

Stop associating your actions and decisions from the past. Past is just another page of your life and it is already finished so stop thinking about it. Today is a new page, fill it with the best memory that you can ever create. You are the one who will create your definition, you are the one who will decide if you are good or not.

February 26, 2016


You have a bad habit that you want to get rid of. The best time to remove it from your system is now. The moment you postpone, the bigger the chances of your habit getting worse. It is really hard really really hard because your mind is performing in an auto pilot that is why your bad habit seems like it controls your life.

You don't need a certain event to happen before you stop your bad habit. Some people are waiting for something like: if they get a job they will stop drinking alcohol everyday. If they get sick they will stop smoking, if they get rich then they will work harder and stop procrastinating.

Stopping a bad habit doesn't need something from someone. If you want to stop a bad habit then do it now because your tomorrow will never end if you keep on postponing it. Your tomorrow will arrive at the end on the year and then you will swear to just get rid of it next year. The cycle will never end until you die.

Just stop it, just try to stop that shit NOW. It is hard but if you really want to change your life then you should face it now and stop acting like a PUSSY.

February 26, 2016


If you don't want to get bullied or ignored like a rag then be dominant in your circle. In a group there is always someone who is strong and someone whose weak. The strong ones have all the attention of the group, they were respected and given a special treatment while the weak ones were the ones who were always bullied, being push around, subject of a joke and not recognized when absent.

You will become dominant in your circle if you are the best in something that your group is interested. For example you are the best in playing some kind of an instrument, best in basketball, or any particular sports etc. They will treat you nice because they can get something or learn something from you. Once they are benefiting something from you then you will have the authority.

There are some traits that you may possess that will make you a dominant person such as good in making jokes, being the kindest, being the most well dressed, being the most generous but be aware because some of your friends will abuse you. If you have a trait that is on a highest level then you can become dominant as long as that trait is positive and not abusing anyone.

It is good to become dominant but again, as I have said you should not abuse your power and become a power tripper because in the end your friends will get annoyed at you.

February 26, 2016


Whether you like it or not, opportunity will knock on your door even if you are not ready. Opportunity is not picking any time. If it wants to come to you it will come without permission. When opportunity presents itself in front of you, you should not make any excuses. You should take it regardless of how you feel or whatever condition you are in. Even if you are sick, even if you have other appointments you still need to give way for that opportunity. Because if you pass any single opportunity it may never come back again.

Some people wait for a very long time and opportunity didn't come to them. There are two reasons behind this case, it is either they need to go and chase the opportunity themselves or they didn't wait long enough. Sometimes opportunities will come if the person who waits for it will almost give up.

Opportunity is very playful, it will surprise you or it will make you wait for a very long time. Waiting gets too long because sometimes you don't need to wait for the opportunity instead you have to create it.

Some people were given the opportunity but they were very afraid to take it, they thought they weren't ready and their skills are not good enough, they thought they do not deserve it. What they will do is they will pass and other people will get it. The moment they feel that they are ready...The opportunity is not there anymore. This will leave them very regretful.

If the opportunity knocks on your door it means you deserve it, it means you have what it takes to become successful. Stop thinking if you are ready or not because opportunities doesn't required readiness. It is only asking if you are willing to take it or not.

So if you don't want to waste any opportunity be sure to make yourself ready. Always prepare everyday, commit to improvement so when the opportunity comes, you are not afraid to take it. You know it is your time to shine and you will take your chances.

But if the opportunity that you are waiting for a very long time is not showing up then it only means you have to create your own opportunity. It means waiting is not for you, it means you are the one who will create your destiny.

February 25, 2016


Most people are afraid to take some action because they were so afraid to fail. They were so scared to feel the negative emotion that failing gives. What they do is they play safe and feel ok with being average or seeing their dreams go away but deep inside they really want to move out from their comfort zone. They thought that not jumping into the harder path is the best way for them and will give them security in the future.

If you will dissect your feelings, if you will dig deeper and study your emotions very well you will find out that comfort and playing safe is not what you really want. You are still dreaming of wanting more, being on the highest level, being on the pinnacle of your passion. You are just afraid to face the pain but you will feel more pain in the end if you did not face your fear now.

One big example is a basketball player deciding to take the last shot or not, he wants to take the last shot but he passed it to his other teammate instead. His teammate missed the shot so the blame was on his teammate but deep inside he is full of regret because he knew he was better than his teammate and only if he was the one who take the shot, they could have won the game.

Giving your best and expressing yourself is really hard but it is the only way to avoid the feeling of regret.

You should value what is more valuable to you. Was it the feeling of being comfortable at the moment and not taking risk or fighting your emotions and going for the kill?

What is painful in regrets is knowing that you could have done better, knowing that you could get better results if you didn't hold yourself back.

My advise is do your best now, when I say best it means you will give all your energy, focus and determination to that thing that you are aiming. Stop thinking about the results because it will show in the end anyway. We're not talking about the results anymore, the conversation here is are you going to give your best or not? as simple as that.

Those who give their best yet fail are happier than those who succeed but exert mediocre effort.

February 25, 2016


Following someone's routine and style may not be effective for you so be aware of it. As individuals we are all unique, we don't have a clone. Even twins have different personalities and they have their own unique trademark.

It is not necessary to follow all what the guru say. If he says run for 8 hours a day, will you do it? if he says it is the only to become super strong will you still do it? well if you believe in it then probably you will but at some point you will become sick and tired of doing it. If it comes to the point where you don't wanna do it anymore then it means that routine is not for you. If you love doing something then you will never get tired of doing it even if you already repeated it a million times.

You are the one who should build your own process. You can mix things up. If some coach says that you must stop watching TV and you should train 8-10 hours a day, if it is effective to you and it is giving you good results then do it but if your soul is against it then don't do it. You can do 3 hours of training then stop and have some fun for an hour, do whatever you want then go back to training again. Do another 3-4 hours of training then rest. You can mix things up. They key here is you have to find a pattern or combination that will motivate you and not deplete you.

If you are pursuing a goal, you might watched some videos on you tube that says you should go all out, separate yourself from the pack and work 24 hours a day. That is very effective for sure but what if it is not effective for you? What if you can do it for just three days then you will get depleted and overwhelmed by the stress that it brings? Sometimes overworking is also self killing.

It is time for you to look for something that will last. A process that will make you do it even if you sore, even if you feel a lot of stress. It can be working while eating something, working while listening to music, mix things up and find what works for you. And also make sure that your process is healthy and won't burn you in the long run. Make sure your health won't get affected.

You are the one who is responsible for the chemistry that will make your life better. It applies in all aspects of life. Even in your social life, you can have all friends that are kind and trustworthy but if it is not giving you success because your circle is boring you can change it. You can have a circle that is half kind and half badass, if it will make you motivated then go ahead. If having a rotten tomato in your circle will make you pumped up and will make you enjoy life more then go ahead and look for some useless people.

It also applies in health, you can become a vegetarian but if you feel that your body is deteriorating then break the rules. You can still call yourself a vegetarian but you eat meat during sundays. You can have a cheat day. It is your body, you know what is the best for you. You have to find what makes your life better, stop following the norms.

It is your sole responsibility to find what will work for you. You can listen to different gurus but if their way of living is not effective to your liking then dump them. Find your own chemistry, don't be afraid to mix things up and try new ways. At the end of the day you will still find if following the norms makes your life better or following your intuition brought you into a different dimension.

February 25, 2016


Are you sick and tired of getting the same results over and over again despite of working hard? Do you come to the point where you almost give up because you can't see any result? Anyone who pursue his goal also feel the same way as you do. After months or years of grind of course you deserve to ask for rewards. But sometimes the more you ask for it the more it becomes elusive. Sometimes success is asking something from you that you do not know. You need to reinvent yourself a little bit.

For example you need to add a little swagger into your game so your coach will have confidence in you. Another example is you need to change the color of your hair so you can be accepted fast as a fashion model. Sometimes small details like those are needed just to change your momentum a little bit. Sometimes you need to change the way you speak or the way you dress, if it will give you an edge then just do it.

The most effective reinvention for yourself is go harder. For example you study for 3 hours a day and yet not getting the results you want, it is time for you you to study 4 hours a day. If you are lifting 25 lbs everyday and still not feeling powerful then it is time for you to lift 50 lbs. It is just a matter of adding something to your routine and waiting for the results to happen.

You can reinvent your self anytime you want just make sure it is a positive reinvention and not something that will make you weak. A little tweak in your routine can become a game changer. Just remember that if you are not seeing any results from the routine that you are doing then it is time for you to change something.

February 25, 2016


Your talents won't help you in the end neither your riches nor connections. Whether you like it or not at some point in your life you will feel a stress that you cannot ever imagine. You will ask yourself "why is this happening to me?, How can I escape this?"

There are lots of talented people around the world, there are lots of people who were attached with big expectations but didn't succeed. It is because they cannot move anymore, they were stunned when bad situations appear infront of their face. They freeze when things didn't go as they expected, to make it short they let fear control them.

Listen to me very carefully, In life it is not the most talented, well educated, most gorgeous, most rich who always win... It is the one who can move at any circumstances. Your brain will stop if it sees something it hasn't seen before. It will command you to go back to your comfort zone or take the route that is harmless. It will do everything to avoid you from being stressed. That is what our mind does, it will always choose comfort which is not a good thing. Success will be caress by the few who were willing to move and keep going despite of heavy adversities.

What will you do if your business go bankrupt? can your intelligence forced you to move? I know a lot of intelligent people who take their lives because they were so embarrassed after getting bankrupted. There were some smart people who go crazy because they cannot take the humiliation and mockery form other people. As simple as that, they do not take chances anymore, they simply accept failure and take an easy but less rewarding path.

So what you need to do is you must train yourself to move despite of any chaos that is happening around you. You need to have a strong mindset that nothing will freeze you. You cannot get stunned in life because if you allow it to happen to you the opportunities will pass away. There are lot of great names out there who were thought by the world that can make it big but suddenly fade away because they avoid stressful feelings, they avoid facing adversities and critics. Again it is not the one who has the power will succeed, it is the one who can use his power.

February 25, 2016


You thought that being lazy and being ok with yourself without doing anything will never harm you. If you will think rationally, yeah it is true. What is wrong with just watching TV and eating a bunch of shits for 8 hours?. Yeah there is nothing wrong with that, it is your money, you didn't ask for anyone to buy you a pop corn and you are also the one whose paying the electric bills. There is nothing wrong with that, you didn't steal money, you didn't harm any neighbor. You are such a peaceful man, there is nothing wrong with that.

But... there is a big but here. Being lazy and not engaging yourself into useful or more meaningful activity will harm you in the end. The worse thing is you might get crazy. I am not scaring you but this is true, LAZINESS will lead to CRAZINESS.

Look at those bunch of idiots who never put themselves into activities that will make them sweat. Look at those obese people, those overweight people, they do not even know what to do. Laziness is controlling them, they live their lives in an auto pilot. They don't even know that they already ate 5 boxes of chocolates while watching TV. They just eat and eat. Later they will make a resolution for themselves that will never come true. A make believe resolution that they will cut weight. They will buy a bunch of products, equipments, drugs that will not help them, it will make their lives even worse because they invest on products not on themselves. They will get frustrated, depressed and will put blame on products that didn't work for them. They will look every now and then at the mirror and curse themselves. What a way to live life, this is what laziness can do to your life. It will take away the balance that your body needs and it will make your brain numb.

If you will not force yourself to do what is needed and if you will not engage in some activities that will give you a little bit of stress like exercise then your brain will not function very well. You will feel so heavy, depressed and unfulfilled. It is because our life needs a little hardship, it needs some kind of a challenge. We need to make our body parts function or else it will malfunction in the end.

Take time to run at least 30 mins a day or if you cannot run then just walk. Do something that will make you sweat. Pushing yourself will make you a little bit stress but the reward after doing it is phenomenal. You will feel lighter and your mood will be much much better. That is why people who were just sitting the whole day have bad energies, they feel very heavy and they were so hot headed. It is because there is something wrong in their system, their body is searching for something that they do not know. That is why they always look for some kind of a stress relievers such as foods, alcohols, video games and any other things that will give them temporary pleasure but will make their situation worse.

You know in yourself if you are lazy or not. You cannot make excuses such as you have no time or you don't feel right. The right feeling will never come unless you take action. If you keep on postponing what you need to do then the snowball of laziness will become bigger and bigger. It will come to the point where you are so really depressed and you want to end your life. I am not scaring you but it is the reality, look at those people who were so lazy...They make excuses, they blame the people around them, they use the faults of others as a cover up for their screwed life. They cannot move anymore because they were so engaged in bad habits. They will take drugs and numb themselves to avoid the negative emotion that they are experiencing at the moment.

Exercise is the best medication, whatever type of exercise it is just do it. May it be walking, crawling or just a simple jumping jack just do it. It doesn't matter if your exercise is not on a higher level what matters is you are sweating and your body is moving. Movement is improvement, movement will avoid you from being insane, movement is the key for living a better life.

February 22, 2016


If you work so hard and your belief is not that strong then you will never succeed. As simple as that. That is why there are lot of hardworkers out there who kill themselves in training, studying, doing their job for 15 hours a day but still their accomplishment is very little. It is true that hardwork pays off but you still got to have confidence so you can express yourself and impose your will. If you have no confidence then your ideas will be kept inside of a box that will never be opened forever. You will become very conservative in your actions and your decision making will be based on what people are expecting. At the same time you will not become very competitive and you will become a follower who wants to lead but cannot speak.

On the other hand, if you are very confident but the amount of work you are putting in is not enough then you will also fail. All you will do is talk and talk and talk. Talk about your greatness, talk about how you will do it. You will become very cocky and you will be blinded by your won belief. Sometimes your cockiness only served as a cover up for not working hard. Your belief is unreal because your effort is not enough.

The key to become successful is balance. Your amount of hardwork should equal your amount of belief. You cannot succeed if one is greater than the other. The good thing is you can work as hard as you can and you can also develop your confidence as much as you can. It is just a matter of being patient and staying committed on your journey.

February 20, 2016


No more long introduction here they are:

1. Appreciate your life sincerely - if you can appreciate your life regardless of your situation then that is true happiness. Everyone is looking for more but they will not see it because they cannot see what they have. You have to appreciate what you have first so you can have more. How can you have more if you don't think you have anything? It is a common sense. If you want a car, you have to appreciate that you have a bike, if you don't have a bike you have to appreciate that you can walk and you can go to different place without any vehicle. It applies to different things, appreciation is the key to evolution. If you can appreciate that you have 30 cents in your pocket then it will multiply. It is because you are so happy having that 30 cents and you will look for that feeling over and over again, it will manifest naturally without you having to force anything. If you have debt be happy with it too, be happy that someone still trust to lend their money to you. Be happy because someone still helps you. See, it is not about the situation, it is about how you look at the situation.

2. Strive to expand everyday - progress is happiness, if you can improve your life a little bit everyday, even in .0009% improvement you will be happy for sure. If you can do jumping rope for 20 times yesterday, do it 21 times now. It will bring happiness to your life. You will feel that you are evolving and you will have a sense of pride that you too can become good at something. You are the one whose responsible for your growth so do something about it, forget if you are very slow what matters is you are consistent and you are dedicated for improvement. There are no definite steps needed here, it's your rules. If you feel you are expanding without any doubt then you are on the right path.

3. Master starting - Starting is one of the most difficult thing in the world, it is because there are lot of thoughts going in your mind before starting. Things such as: "Am I good enough?", "Can I really do this?", "What will they say?" and thousands of thoughts that will stop your from starting. The thing is this... those thoughts will multiply if you will not start, sometimes it will even become a nightmare. To stop your misery you should learn how to master starting because life is all about starting. Starting your day, starting a goal, starting after failing. Speaking of failing, this is the time where we should be the fastest when we have to start. After failing you should start right away. Stop thinking, stop reevaluating, just start. That is the beauty of life, starting every time we fail. That is the key, never get tired of starting because it is the only way how to get out of misery. Starting is the only way how to live life.

February 19, 2016


One major problem that our world is facing now is there are lot of people that are choosy. They thought that they have a lot of resources available around them. They thought that time is waiting for them and there is a long line in front of them that is composed of the things and opportunities that are waiting to be selected. They do not devour an opportunity that presents itself in front of them, what they do is they act like a rich man that deserves more in this world.

You didn't go to college because you prioritized drinking and partying first and now you don't want to become a janitor? What is wrong in being a janitor? If you are doing your job well and you love it then you are already successful. You want a white collar job with big pay but your skills and credentials are not enough, now you are looking for a job that looks cool but you don't deserve? Wake up! embrace any kind of work that is available and if you are not satisfied being in that kind of job forever then find a way how to escape.

You don't want to eat the food that was served on your table, you want something else like steaks and salads but the budget that you gave to your wife can only afford fishballs. How come you have the guts to complain about the food being served if you spend some of your monthly salary in gambling, drinking and night life? You're acting like you're giving millions to your wife, don't you know that she goes crazy while budgeting for the food, bills etc.? Ask for delicious foods if your salary is spicy.

Your parents can only give you Reebok instead of Nike and yet you're still complaining about it? What is wrong with Reebok? it is still a branded shoes and has some swagger in it. Why are you crying like a bitch and doesn't want to wear that snicker? Don't you know that your father works so hard just to give you those shoes? That is the only thing that your parents can afford so appreciate it. Wear it like the best shoe in the world and never feel shy with people who were wearing better shoes.

Most of you are acting like you have a lot of resources to choose from. You think like there are lot of options available and you can afford it. The golden rule is this, if you can replace what is in front of you then you have the right to become picky but if not just appreciate it. Stop being picky if you're just poor or if you have no capabilities to provide for yourself. Devour what is infront of you and if you don't like it, find a way how to replace it. Find a way how to make your situation better instead of disrespecting the blessings that are coming into your life.

February 19, 2016


If you believe in destiny then your done, no more efforts or hardwork needed. You believe that there is already a result waiting for you. So what is the point of doing this and that? No right decisions needed because whatever you do you still believe that you can only achieve what is destined for you. You will no longer aspire to grow, you will not stretched yourself because in your mind anywhere you go and anything you do, destiny still has the control over you.

February 18, 2016


Social media is the fakest thing that happen on earth. It is not that bad because it also has some good sides such as: easier to spread the news, easy to contact friends and relatives etc. but social media will make you unnatural. The good thing is it will reveal the other person that you wanted to be.You will reveal your other side through social media because you were so afraid to reveal it in reality.

In social media it is easier to say what you want to say because nobody is listening to you in flesh. Nobody is guarding you. But the problem with it is you are very selective of what you are posting. It is because you want likes and appreciation. You want everyone to praise you and give nice comments. You love to read nice comments from fake people that really don't like you that much, they just want to engage in a discussion and be part of something that gets an attention.

In social media there is a "delayed revelation"of your personality. You will think first what you wanted to post, you will study it carefully, you will check if your selfie is cute, if not you will take a picture again.

You also don't want to reveal the weaker version of you. You don't post your old clothes, ugly shoes, dirty room, not so delicious foods and unpaid bills. You only post what impresses people so they will praise you and become jealous with you. In short, you aim to impress and not to express.

You are also braver in social media, you post something about your enemy but your enemy doesn't know about it. People will give you sympathy and will give you advise that are not really advises, they just wanted to join the conversation. You will act like a tough guy and wants to go in a war but when you see your enemy personally...you will hide in the nearest comfort room and stay there for a long time like you have a 3rd degree LBM.

You will also post some images about your workout, you will sprinkle some water in your face so that you will look very exhausted but in reality you only jog for just 5 mins and drink some soda afterwards.

It is so funny because people act like they are rich, tough, hardworking and cool in social media but the reality is opposite. At the same time it is also good because people are able to express the life and personality that they want, it's just sad because most of the posts are not authentic.

February 18, 2016


Don't ever make excuses even if your excuse is a little bit true. Because every time you make an excuse... it will become a habit, a habit that is very hard to get rid of.

For example in public speaking, yes it is really scary to speak infront of public, you will have butterflies in your stomach. Sometimes it feels like you need to take a comfort room and dump something from your stomach but the reality is there is nothing wrong with your stomach. It is just a normal feeling when you're nervous. And what will you do is, if you can delay the public speaking you will do it because you will tell them that you are not feeling well. Well if you keep on doing this, the butterflies in your stomach will never leave you. Everytime you need to speak infront of public, the same feeling will be experienced again. You will make excuses again and the worse is your fear grows bigger and bigger. You will use that excuse over and over again.

Another example - headache. Just a little headache makes you pretend that you are feeling really bad, you will tell your mom about it with a little bit of acting. And what your mom will tell you is this: "Oh honey, don't go to classes today, you might get sicker, just stay in our home, I will prepare a hot chicken soup for you" wow! so sweet, the babying of a teenager starts again. Stop doing this shit because everytime you feel lazy you will use this excuse over and over again.

Just a little flu, just a little backpain or whatever pain it is that even a nursery child can endure, you will use it to excuse yourself from doing what you need to do.

It's time to grow up, those little pain, those little excuses may serve you for a while but it is stopping you from growing, it is stopping you from experiencing life. Those excuses will make you softer than a cotton candy. It will become your habit, it will grow bigger and bigger and the worse thing is you will find excuses in every situation to make your life a little bit comfortable.

February 18, 2016


This is the most ugly mistake that a lot of people do...they are very loyal to the company that they are working, the are grinding 14 hours a day, sometimes working without pay, they worked during holidays, they wipe their boss' ass and kiss the foot of the company's president. After working for 7 or more years did they get rich? After giving their whole life to the company and become a slave did they fulfill their dreams? did they reach their full potential?

Some companies are really mean. They fire some employees for speaking about the truth, they don't want other employees to smell their fishy activities. They even fire employees that are working for a long time because they said that their salary is already big and their heads are hard, the company cannot manipulate them anymore.

Look at the NBA teams, once a player is strong they will love him and give him special treatment but once the player is old and grey and has knees that are cracking they will immediately trade him or waived him. It doesn't matter if a player plays for 10 or more years for a team, once he is weak he is done. Is this how company repay someone who serve them for a long time? trashing him like a garbage?

My greatest advise is don't love your company too much because it will not love you back. Once you get old, once they get threatened by your self decision making then they will get rid of you. They will not hesitate to trash you once you are a thorn to their throat. These companies are concerned more with money and not with their employees so do not invest too much time for them.

Invest more time for yourself, make yourself great, prepare while you are still strong and young so the moment they get rid of you... you will not cry like a baby and get hungry.

February 18, 2016


Some people are telling you that you cannot do it but why? When I ask why I mean why are you believing them? Those schmucks don't know anything about you. They were so quick to judge your capabilities but they don't know what is inside of you.

They don't know the hardwork that you put in, the determination, motivation, passion that is inside of you. All they know is you failed once, twice or thrice. Those failures become their basis of what you are capable of achieving. What they don't know is that those failures are just stepping stones. Those failures are there to make you even stronger.

These people feels like they knew everything but they really don't know anything. They only know how to watch other people, criticize people and celebrate someone's failure. Someone's failure is their success so don't even try to listen to these schmucks instead listen to your gut. Believe in your hardwork, trust your own process but listen to others' opinions if it is positive and will empower you.

You know yourself, you know the time that you put in and you know your dreams so there is no more point in listening to other's opinions. You hold the facts so opinions are nothing but trash to you.

Who are them to tell you that you can't do it? It is you and only you can tell if you can do it or not. You hold the key, you have the powerr.

February 18, 2016


Anyone can feel good when the situation is very smooth, when there is no problem and every sequence is moving according to what they desire. Anyone can become confident and arrogant once winning is on their sight. Most people are easily tricked by good situations, they thought they are good too, they though that the situation will last forever that is why there were very scared when the situation turn around and bad feelings starts to sink in.

Just like in basketball, if your team is ahead by a large margin, most of your teammates feels that they are all star players, they were cocky, they were mocking the other team and they feel like they've already won. But when the lead is trim down or the other team steal the lead they all become quiet. They transform into puppies from being wolves. In the beginning of the game while the ride is going smooth they were all noisy but when the pressure sets in they crumble and behave like a child being afraid to get spank.

In life if you are pursuing big things there is no way you can't feel some kind of pressure. Success is paired with pressure so you must know how to control your emotions or relax your mind once the going gets tough.

Successful people are always calm during pressure. Elite athletes, politicians, businessmen and any other big individuals never crumble when emotions are high. It is ok with them to feel bad because they know they don't have to fight it. They just have to feel it until it is gone.

You should still feel good about being uncomfortable because that is the only way to live pressure. Pressure will pressure you more if you are fighting it. That is why when someone is drowning in a swimming pool, only a few seconds and the were already drowned, it is because they do not relax their minds. They are panicking, they are fighting the situation. If they only knew how to relax themselves then their breathing will last longer and the situation will get better.

One big example is Anderson Silva, a former UFC middleweight champion. This guy fights like a water, he is very calm, relax and not forcing the situation. Even if his back is against the wall he always knew what to do. There are times when he was almost submitted by his opponent but he still managed to escape defeat and pull another historic victory. It seems like he is playing in danger. He stands straight, he is very loose, creative and not afraid of getting hit. Some people even say that he can read his opponent's mind. That is why he is a legend. He has a very strong mind and he never panics during dangerous moments.

If you can enjoy pressure situation then you already have a big advantage. People will feel your invincibility and you can think clearly and positively even if there are lot of things on the line. Never wish for an easy route because there will never be, always wish for incredible endurance, mental toughness and insane ability to handle tough situations. If you can develop all of these then for sure you will become very successful.

February 17, 2016


Let's be realistic again here. Those people who have a lot of money can do more things than others that don't have a lot. This is realistically speaking. Think of your car, your car that has no set up. You want to make it look bad ass but can you do it if you don't have extra money? DEFINITELY NOT. You can add speakers, side skirts, spoilers, fancy mags etc. if you have a lot of money. Your car will look unique if you dress it and add the necessary accessories to make it bad ass, only if you have money.

If you have money you can go to the places that you haven't seen before. You can travel, you can recreate, you can have more fun. You can become a tourist that tours everyday. You can travel around the world isn't if fun?

With money you can learn what you want to learn, given that you can't learn by yourself. You can enroll in different university. You can take as many courses as you want, you can study everything. You can study arts, culinary, business and any other things that interests you.

With lots of money you can also have a style. You can have a lot of clothes to choose from, you can become really creative when it comes to fashion because you have a lot of options. You can pair different clothes and shoes. You will look really fantastic. You will never feel scarcity in clothes, you always have a ready to wear for different occasions.

Another great example is presentation, may it be a concert or just an ordinary event. A presentation with huge budget really looks good, there are lot of props, effects etc. It looks really good and attractive compared to an even that has a very limited budget. The event with huge budget will standout and will create a story. People will be amazed at its creative presentation and it will always be remembered.

The lesson here is with more you can do more. I am not saying that money is the only thing that can make you creative. You can also become very creative with your limited resources but with more money life will be easier and options are unlimited.

The challenge here is how can you become creative with lesser money? It is possible but more effort, time and hard work is needed. It is ok because it is also very fun using the limited resources that you have. In this position your mind will be stretched and your resourcefulness will be tested.

February 17, 2016


Stop comparing yourself to somebody. Stop comparing your properties, looks, health, body, job, status in life, money etc. to somebody. If you are doing this it means you are not satisfied with what you have. It means you have low self confidence and you are a jealous son of a bitch.

You also have what they don't have so never get jealous. Their eyes maybe blue but yours is black, some people will exchange their blue eyes with black. They may have a lot of money but you have good health, rich people will surely exchange their money for health. Everyone is not perfect so as you, everyone is looking for something that they don't have. Other people are not perfect too. Other people gets jealous with you too. Just feel blessed with all the qualities and properties that you have. Stop feeling inadequate because you are not, your life is already perfect you just need to appreciate it a little more.

You have your own talent so don't get envy with someone who have a good voice or can dance gracefully. It is up to you to nurture your talent and make it as big as you can. Even if your talent is not what others are wishing, it is still a talent.

You have your own unique way of doing things, you can open a can with spoon or open a bottle with another bottle. Those are just small things but other people can't do that. Even the president can't open a bottle with another bottle so be proud of what you can do even if those are just tiny things.

Lets talk about things. let's say your house is too small, even if it is small it still has some qualities that other houses don't have. Their big houses can have a swimming pool but yours have a very nice dining room that most people get jealous after seeing it. Other people may have a nice car but you can have a nice bike that can make you healthy if you use everyday. What others lack can be your completeness so celebrate the things and qualities that you have.

February 17, 2016


What prevents you from getting big things is you always wanted to take big steps. There is no such thing as big steps because if there is then there will be no process. You will just make a one big bold move and that's it. Did it already happened in history? Is there a business man who just bought a place to start business and eventually become rich? Is there an athlete that just lift some heavy weights on a single night and became a star?

The reality is you have to take a lot of little steps to become big. Those little steps will work in the end. The good news is you can take those little steps anytime, anywhere. For example if you want to get fit. You can move around while watching TV, you can make jumping jacks, situps, pushups etc. You can do it anytime. Nobody can stop you. It is hard to make a big leap and go to the desired results so fast because making shortcuts will make you fail.

Those little steps that you take, at first you will feel that it is not working but it is. You will feel the gain in the end. Of course you can't see immediate results in the beginning, this is where your patience will be tested. Those little steps if sum up will take you to another level. It will make you better, stronger and braver.

Make sure you take little steps everyday, take consistent little steps then if you got bored it is time for you to add more. If you take a little step just once in a week or twice or thrice then good luck to you. You may reach 85 years old and your goal is not yet 50 percent accomplished. Taking little steps is very easy, just do what you think will bring you closer to your goal and then repeat.

February 17, 2016


There are some people who were so afraid to share their secrets about being successful. Example of these are the food chains. Mc Donalds will never reveal their recipe in hamburgers, spaghetti and all the foods that they are serving. They were so afraid that their competitors will copy their recipe and some of their customers will stop patronizing them.

Some athletes are not sharing their secret training or drills because they were so afraid that other athletes will also reach their level and even surpass them. I believe that this is a selfish and cowardly act. If you are really a strong person then you don't have to worry if someone is copying your style.

Never mind if your secret was exposed because you don't even know if the people who discovered it will use it. You don't even know if they can do it better than you.

It is not a matter of what recipe, training, methods etc. to use. It is a matter of execution. Who will do it better, who will work harder that is the secret. And even if they stole your secret, is your technique compatible with them? Are they willing to do it every day and enjoy doing it? Someone's style may not fit to others.

Again don't worry if others area copying your style, be worried if they are also copying your attitude because both of you will have the same level.

February 16, 2016


Everyday you hear hundreds of stories around you. Stories that are either positive or negative. Every story that you entertain has an effect in your life. Sometimes the story that you hear become the story of your day because you think about it very seriously. The worse thing that may happen is you live it your whole life.

You unconsciously live the story that you hear without even noticing it. It is because you think about it, you talk about it and there is an emotion that you connect with that story. Sometimes you feel scared, angry, hurt, happy or affected.

For example you heard a story about an employee that was abused by her boss. You spread the story to your co workers, you become scared, you think about it every now and then. When there is an incident that you feel your boss is mistreating you, even if it is not really a mistreatment you feel like you've been abused. It is because there is a story recorded in your head about the abuse. Even if you are not abused you unconsciously think about it and apply it in your situation.

Another scenario is you read a lot of facebook posts that some are not even real or was just created by ordinary individuals who wants to scare people. You immediately believe it and now your brain cannot recognized what's real or not anymore. You are easily fooled by posts that comes from unreliable sources. It is because you entertain it, even if it is negative you still read the whole story. You are very interested that is why it becomes part of your system. You've read a story about eating chickens will make you a chicken (coward) and now you won't eat it because you want to stay brave. Well believing that story is already a form of cowardice.

If you want to have a life that is in order you better become selective about the stories that you plant inside your head. You should only entertain the stories that are helpful and can make your life better. Stories about rags to riches, how a man lost 25 lbs in 2 months, how to become a good citizen, how to fight a disease. Anything that is positive and will not scare you is a good story to nurture.

We are what we think about, this is true. It is not a saying, it is science proven because our body reacts to how we think. If you are thinking about negative the tendency is your decision making is connected to negativity. The chemistry of your body is not in order and you will also attract a lot of negative situations.

Just be careful with the stories that you entertain. Make sure it is positive and it will make you productive.

February 16, 2016


If you run away from your problems, it will only make your problems bigger. All you need to do is face it because there is no problem that cannot be solved. Face it with strength, destroy it, have fun with it, have no mercy with it and soon you will only laugh about it.

February 16, 2016


You make your life harder by giving so much meaning and value to the people and events that hurts you in the past. You give so much meaning to the people that has really no meaning in your life. You give them so much attention, you try to prove yourself to them. You don't have to do it because you don't need to prove yourself to anybody.

If you will always try to prove yourself to somebody then you will have a lot of pressure in your shoulder. Your actions will be based on their reactions. You will not become yourself because you will always be afraid of making mistakes because you wanted to stay perfect in their eyes. You want to prove that they are wrong and you are right. You don't need to do it. Free yourself from people that has no meaning in your life but is meaningful to your ego.

Yes they hurt you from the past and is hurting you again, you wanted to make them feel regretful by being successful. You cannot become successful if your success means looking successful in the eyes of others. You will define your own success. You are the one who can give a unique meaning to success.

Make anyone and anything meaningless. If you succeed or fail... don't make it a big deal. You are just living your life and doing what you love to do regardless of fame or success. You do it because you are passionate about it and there is no attached something about it.

Detached yourself from the approval of others coz that shit ain't contributing to your life. It only gives burden to you, it only make you not yourself. If nothing has meaning to you then you will have total freedom to do what you want, express yourself like a boss and become the best that you can be.

February 16, 2016


Sometimes we think so much about failing that we cannot do the necessary preparations or steps to become successful. And even during preparation we also think about the failure. I don't know what is it with the thought of failure that it becomes so addictive and people got magnetized by it. During big events, during competition, during job interviews or business meetings, people always think about failing and that is why they fail.

Now I've found a solution that will avoid you from thinking about failing and it is to exhaust yourself. Yeah, what you read is true, exhaust yourself. If you don't feel exhausted you will still have time thinking about failing.

During preparation for a competition or an event. You must come to the point where you were so tired and you want to rest. Because when you come to that level where you cannot move your body anymore, it means you've given everything you've got. Confidence will increase and thinking about failing will diminished.

If you got tired everyday by pursuing your goals you will no longer think about failure. You will tell to yourself "I cannot fail anymore because I've given a lot of work for this, I got this. I know I will prevail". That is the only thought that will enter your mind if you exhaust yourself. You will naturally build a mindset of wanting it so bad because there is a lot of time that you put in just to become successful.

Also when you exhaust yourself, all you think about is resting. And you can only rest if you win so there is no other option but to think about winning.

If you also exhaust yourself it means you really want it, it means the goal is very important to you. Look at those people who were not exhausted, they look like marshmallows that cannot even break an old bark. It is because they do not prepare well. They have an easy life that will give them the hard life later.

Don't be afraid to get exhausted because that exhaustion will give you determination. That exhaustion will give you extra motivation. You will become proud of the countless hours that you grind and failure will have no room in your mind.

February 16, 2016


Our physical presence is not only the basis of being present. You may be there but if your mind is not there then you are really not there. Just like in listening to someone who's discussing something. He may think that you are attentive. You may pretend that you understand what he is talking about but if your mind is not open to listening and it is thinking other things then it means you are mentally absent. Anything that he say or will be saying will not be ingrained into your brain.

It is like listening to a radio station but you don't like the music that they are playing, even if your ear hears the music it will not be enjoyed by your soul. But if your mind is thinking about the music that you like and playing it in your head, even if it is not playing in real life you will still hear the music and enjoy it.

Just like the goals, if you are pursuing any goal your mind should be really into it. It is like being in a place that you are not. If you wanted to become a president of the country then your mind should be really into it. You should live it everyday, you should think about it everyday and you should not think about any obstacles that may stop you from reaching your goals. Do everything that will make you become a president. If you think about circumstances that will avoid you from reaching your goals then that will stop you from reaching there.

If your mind is there you will arrive there even if it is very far.

There are some people who already succeeded but they remove their minds in their position. Some examples are athletes who became pro. They remove their minds from being a pro. What they do is they party hard everyday, they do not train like a pro anymore, they eat unhealthy foods and do some stupid activities. They are there but their mind is not there anymore so the result is they were removed form their current position. Their teams traded them or waived them.

Mind is a very powerful thing to become successful. If you put your mind in the right position then you will be in your desired position.

February 16, 2016


Why are you quitting now? why are you so depressed? don't you think it's not yet over? How old are you? 30? 40? 50? 80?  it doesn't matter. What matters is are you still moving?, are you still doing the necessary steps to realized your dreams? The climax of your story hasn't been published yet so don't ever think that you can't do it anymore. You are the writer of your story, don't stop writing it, revised it if needed, add more interesting plots, add more characters and series of events if needed. Just keep on writing until it is published.

The climax of your story will be published sooner or later, the date is unknown but one thing for sure... your story will be published, you dreams will come true. The more you write the better your story will be.

There is no reason to stop when things are going bad because doing so will only make your situation badder. It will only delay the publishing of your story. And one more thing make sure that what you write in your story will make your story get published. What I mean is do the steps that will make you closer to your dreams. Never write silly things or stupid decisions that will only derail your success.

Remember that you are the writer, the decision is always in your hands and will never be on other's.

February 15, 2016


So you want to be treated special? Who doesn't want? Everybody wants to be treated special, nobody wants to be ignored or treated as garbage. But there are some cases in special treatment. Those who have special treatment have special qualities in them. You can't ask for a special treatment if you are not good at something or if you don't have something great to offer.

That is why big time celebrities, athletes, politicians and businessmen are treated special. It is because they were popular, they can command people and they possess unique and interesting qualities. Everyone wants to be with them, everyone wants to talk to them and they even give them free services just to be with them.

Look at those popular products who give their endorsers incredible special treatment, they give them everything they need such as money, free products, lucrative contracts etc. They do it because their endorsers can make their products' sales go up to the roofs. That is what is special treatment is all about. If you can offer good service then your service will also be rewarded.

You too can have a special treatment even if you are not a celebrity or popular. Just be the best in something and people around you will give you a special treatment. Look at those ordinary employees who were given special treatments by their bosses. It is simply because they are extra ordinary. They work harder than anybody else, their work is accurate and perfect. They never come to work late and their production and contribution to the company is very far from the other employees. If they have some request, their bosses grants it faster than 4am as long as the request is acceptable. Some company even gives higher bonuses to the employees that they love.

Look at the students in college who were smart or not so smart but are hardworking students who thrive in class. They were given a special treatment by their professors, some of their professors give extra time to teach them because they know these students are willing to learn and they are worth teaching. Their lazy classmates are also giving them special treatment because they want to copy answers during exams or if there are assignments. These lazy classmates even protect them from bullies and give them little perks that they deserve.

Anyone can have a special treatment for as long as his value is big and very difficult to ignore. People will treat you nice because they love your service and you make their lives better. You made them feel better and you are one of those few people that can be trusted. You are offering something that interests them and you are not the one whose in need rather you are the one that is needed.

Don't ever ask for special treatment if you have nothing good to offer because people will get mad at you. Don't try to act like a boss if you haven't proved anything yet. Special treatment is given naturally, it is not forced and only the people who deserve it can get it.

February 13, 2016


Take the first step just take it. Forget about what will be the next step because doing that will make you unfocused on what you are doing. The next step will be unfold naturally once you take the first step. Forget about how will you do it, just do it. Make mistakes, make a guess if needed.

The next step will be unfold whether you made the previous step right or wrong. The next step will always follow the previous step. Whether the step is about repeating or about taking a new step it will always show so don't worry about it.

If you are in a journey, if you are pursuing goal you must accept that steps will never end unless you succeed. So if you fail in the middle of your journey the next step will be deciding to quit or deciding to continue. The next step is always known, you will never ran out of step.

And even if you succeed, even if you bag your goal, there will always be a next step. It is either you take another goal or you take a rest. Even taking a  rest is also a step because you decided to do it. Every decision is a step even though you didn't take a lot of action. Decision is also considered an action.

Life is all about taking steps, don't worry if you do not know if the step you take is the right path or not. There is no wrong steps because the next step will always correct you.

February 13, 2016


You feel alive when you have goals and you are pursuing it relentlessly, you don't mind if you got hurt or if you fail. All you know is you need to make it happen. That is what makes you feel alive, that is what will make someone feel alive. You have a purpose, you are living your values. You have your own decision and it cannot be affected by outside influence. That is what is being alive, being free to make your own judgement.

You feel alive when you feel a little pain. Tell me honestly, what makes you feel good after doing these two things: 1.) Running with all your strength for a few kilometers 2.) Jogging at ease for at least 1 hour.? I am very sure number 1 is harder because lets be realistic using all your strength is not a good feeling but after finishing running in your full strength how do you feel? amazing right? it feels like you earned something and it feels like you BECOME STRONGER. While on the other hand, jogging at ease is also good but it feels like it is very easy. After finishing jogging with no resistance you feel like the same way. It feels like you didn't expand and you wonder if you really burn some calories. The summary is you need a little bit of pain to feel more alive.

You also feel alive when you succeed big time, when you accomplished what you thought you can never accomplished. For example you beat an opponent who is in favored by everyone. He is twice as strong as you but you beat him. The fight was close but you still beat him. Winning a fight in a close margin feels a lot better than beating an opponent who is no match to your strength. There is no feeling of aliveness on beating someone whom you think you can beat before the match starts. There is no thrill in something that has no challenge. It is like earning a money that you really work hard for, it is better than earning money through gambling or winning a lottery. Earning something with little sweat is not sweet.

You will also feel alive if you escaped death, it is because of the adrenaline rush. That is why there are lots of people who were so addicted in extreme games and activities that may kill them. Escaping death gives a good feeling. Look at the participants of extreme games, the divers, the racers. They feel so alive because what they are doing may kill them but they manage to escape every now and then. I am not a big fan of this activity but if you really want to feel alive find a sport that is so dangerous and will give you thrills. It will awaken all the senses of your body, you will appreciate life even more. It is true that if you really want to experience something, you should experience the opposite of that thing. So if you experience a near death experience and survive it that is where you feel alive the most.

One more thing that will make you feel alive is appreciation. Imagine how it feels when your crush greeted you happy birthday or notice your shirt. You feel like you won the whole world right? appreciation is another thing that can make someone feel alive. That is why a lot of people are addicted to facebook likes, when their posts were like by thousands they feel that they are worthy and popular. But don't get addicted so much to appreciation. You may feel alive once in a while but what if nobody appreciates you? what if your post in facebook has gathered only 3 likes? Learn to handle your emotions and don't based your feeling of being alive connected to things that you have no control.

February 13, 2016


There are things that you should now when giving advise. You can't just give advise and then expect that the person whom you give advise will follow you or will have a better life. There are some important things to consider when giving advise and here are they:

1. Make sure you will do what you are advising - most of you are just good when advising, you think you know everything. You think you are perfect and knows exactly what you are doing. But lets imagine that you and the person whom you are giving an advise exchange position. Lets say that you are the one who has a problem, will you do what you are saying?

You will give an advise to someone that she must leave her husband and move on, are you going to do the same? You will give an advise to someone to leave his job and look for another, will you do that to? It is easier said than done. Make sure you will do the same thing and you must mean it.
Make sure your advise will make the life of your friend easier and will not put him in a bad position. Giving advise is easy, doing it for yourself is difficult.

2. Don't blame the person and made him feel that he is wrong - your friend is already having a problem and yet you keep on making him realize that he has done some stupid things. Instead of making him comfortable, you keep on blaming him and making him feel bad. Stop doing that shit, just listen to him, let him talk for a while and make him feel that you are here to listen, you are here to give some good advise and help. The person who has a problem needs a companion and not a sermon. Stop reminding him that only if he follows you form the beginning then there will be no problem now. You too have done bad decisions in the past so stop acting like you are perfect. Make him feel that his problem is not a big deal and there is a solution for it.

3. Give the consequences that will happen if he follows your advise - don't just tell him what to do, tell him honestly what might happen if he follows your advise. Tell him the pros and cons of your advise. Be fair and measure everything. Look at all the angles, be realistic and rational with your advise. Don't give advise for the sake of just having something to say. Present all the details that may happen, give advise with care.

February 12, 2016


Everyone is trying to become the best, everyone wishes to but they are lacking the effort to become one. Being the best is not just trying, it is not just wishing, it is not just talking...It is living. Day by day your effort will become better than yesterday. You should emit and energy and effort that hasn't been seen before. You should have what it takes. It is an everyday push so don't waste for an easy life. Prepare yourself to feel the emotions that not everyone can feel.

February 12, 2016


Confidence is what separates legends from winners. Confidence is all you need to become successful in a different level. If you want to become really great then your confidence must have a slight edge from others because there are lot of people out there who were as confident as you. If your opponent and you have the same confidence level then it will be very hard for you to beat him. What you need to do is destroy his confidence in order to win. Here are some tips to destroy your opponent's confidence:

1. TRASH TALK - this is an old school type of confidence destroyer. People who does this are really tough and prepared for a dog fight. Don't do this if you are not willing to back up what you said. This can destroy your opponent's confidence especially if the words that you said to him is something personal. Meanwhile it can also backfire to you because if your trash talking is not that good, instead of destroying the spirit of your opponent your words might serve as motivation so you really must be good at this.

2. OUTWORK HIM - if your opponent sees that you are a workhorse then he will feel that he is weaker than you. If you can display an image of not getting tired you will drain his energy and become triumphant in the end. Those who display tireless work are very scary because people do not know when will they get tired. They release an invincible energy that affects their opponent and make them look very scary.

3. ATTACK HIS WEAKNESS - if you can study your opponent's weaknesses and attack it then you will surely win. His confidence will fall and will break like a glass. It is because people doesn't want their weaknesses to be exposed. If people feel that their weaknesses has been attacked then their mindset will become different, they will think of another strategy and of course they will get confused. Their game plan has been destroyed, they will never move the same way again.

4. BE THE FIRST STRIKER - being the first who attack may stun your opponent especially if your move is really bold, powerful and vicious. Most people are reading their opponent's gesture so they are not willing to attack first. If you can attack first with bad intentions then you may put your opponent into freeze and dominate him right away.

Confidence plays a major role for anyone's victory so if you can master it and play it with then you have a big advantage. Always master your confidence, your body language and adaptability to any situation if you want to win. Sometimes it is not all about hardwork and using brute force. It is also about being smooth, mentally tough and confident all the time.

February 12, 2016


You entertain a lot of questions to your head. Questions from other people that didn't matter. They are questioning you if you are qualified or not, if you deserve it or not. They have so many requirements and many questions, these questions got into your head and now you are doubting if you really have what it takes.

So many questions such as: What is your college degree? what is your height? what are your awards? what is your background experience? do you know how to speak japanese? Do you have rich parents? Are you a genius? How strong are you? What is the color of your skin? Are you a royal blood?

If you take those questions seriously then you will be in trouble. You will begin to question yourself and you will feel that you are inadequate if one of your answer to their questions is NO. You will feel that you don't belong and you should take another route instead.

Listen, there is only one question that you should answer and that is ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT OR NOT? That's it. There is no need to answer if you are qualified and you pass their qualifications because all of their interrogations are irrelevant. If your answer is yes then there is no thinking needed, there is no doubting needed. You will become successful and nobody can question it.

Because even if you are qualified and has passed all their qualifications you may still fail in the end if you are not decisive. If there is an adversity that strikes you, you may quit. There are some people who are very much qualified in pursuing their dreams but did not make it. It is because they are not decisive that they are going to do it, they become overwhelmed when the going gets tough and decided to take another path. Their mindset is not fixed so they easily change directions just to feel comfortable.

Once you say YES that you will do it then it is over. No need to entertain other questions, no need to doubt yourself. You do it no matter what, you do it even if you don't know how to do it. Even if you get embarrassed, even if you get criticized you will still do it.

Any struggle is nothing to you because you have a bullet proof mindset. You answer yes so the opportunity to succeed will be attracted to you. You never mind what people say and what your emotions say. All  you know is you are going to get it.

February 12, 2016


Sometimes you have to stop pursuing your dream because you need to prioritize other things that are more important at the moment. For example you wanted to become a singer but you also need to support your family. We all know that if you have no name yet then your talent fee is very low, Sometimes you even need to sing for free in different bars just to see if there is a talent scout looking for someone like you but you can't do that everyday.

Sometimes you have to make a choice and choose the path that will give you an air to breathe for the moment. You can't just be singing everyday and wait for the attraction to come. You also need to earn something for your basic needs. Let's be realistic here, you can't sing if you have no roof to live in, you can't sing if you are always hungry, you can't sing if there is no electric in your house.

What you need to do is take a path that will give you a higher chance to take the path for your dreams. Do something that will give you money first but always make the connection alive to your dreams. What do I mean by this? even if you are doing some other things make sure your dream is not forgotten. Find a time on how to practice your craft everyday. Even if you are so busy, you have to make the connection alive. You still have to get better everyday.

Doing some other things doesn't mean you are giving up on your real dream. You just need to do something else in order to survive. But always keep the main thing the main thing. Don't ever forget your dreams, not even for a single day. Always keep the fire alive, you can practice everyday, look for talent scouts, join contests etc. The main idea here is you are working for other things but that work is really for your dreams.

February 11, 2016


This article is a little bit something about saving money.

Most people buy a lot of things that they really don't need. Things such as collectibles, brand new release shoes, action figures, mugs from coffee shop etc. They get easily attracted because those things are really cute and very heart warming when touched.

But what are the purpose of those craps? do you really need it? will it make your life better? if you will just save your money and use it for more important things then your position in life will be much better.

There is nothing wrong in collecting things especially if you are rich but what if you are not?

Those garbages won't help you in the long run it will only make your house smaller. It will occupy a lot of space in your house and sometimes it will even become a hideout for rats, cockroaches and any other insects if you don't clean those things..

Don't easily get fooled by "buy one take one" things. It is only seducing you so you must think twice if you really need those things.

Collectibles are nothing but garbages, it has no value, it is even hard to resell it in ebay. And in the long run you will regret buying them because you don't love them anymore. You will also learned that you made a mistake for buying those things when you are in shortage of money. 

February 11, 2016


"I don't have time" this is the most common phrase that people used to excuse themselves from getting blamed or refrain from doing the things that they must do. They always tell that scarcity of time is the main reason why they didn't catch a meeting or they fail to commit in a commitment. Since people are making a lot of lousy excuses why time is making their life miserable then I will give five effective ways to have more time, these are very effective and will surely make your lives easier. Your career will go far and you can do a lot of things, here are they:

1. MASTER YOUR WORK - Once you master your work you will save a lot of time, a work that was supposed to be done in 8 hours can be done in just 5 hours or even three. You should master almost if not all the little steps in your work. For example if you are working in an office and you are doing paper works or something like that. You should be fast in typing, researching and any other tasks related in paper works. You can't be at a novice level because you will be left behind and deadlines will eat you. If you can master your work then any hard tasks will be very easy for you and there will be more time for other tasks.

2. DO YOUR BEST - by having the attitude of always doing your best then you don't have to repeat any mistakes. There is no need for revisions of work. Mistakes will be avoided and you don't need to double check because you are very confident in your work. You know that everything is alright and everything is well ironed so there is no need for obsessive compulsive related behaviors. The result is more time is saved.

3. TAKE IT SLOW, NEVER RUSH - If you are always rushing then there is a tendency to commit mistakes. if you are working on something just enjoy it, always be attentive and take one step at a time. Committing mistakes will double your work, the worse thing that may happen is you have to repeat the whole process for just the little mistake that you accidentally commit in the final stage of your work. Rushing is not making the task faster it is only making the percentage of error higher.

4. PUT IT BACK WHERE IT BELONG - This one is simple but true. Putting back the things where it originally belong will save you a lot of time. There are lots of time being wasted by finding the things that are lost. It can be hours days or even weeks finding a small eraser. It can be very time consuming and frustrating. Once you get frustrated you will lose focus and once you lose focus you will not notice that you've wasted a lot of time thinking about things that are not so important. Your mind will fly and  it will be harder for you to finish a simple task.

5. BE SELFISH IN YOUR TIME - If you want to have more time then be selfish in your time, own your time. You can't be attending all the parties that you were invited. You can't be helping all the people when they need you. Prioritize yourself first so you will have a lot of time doing your own project. Reject some invitations from nonsense events. Be hard to convince and have a reputation of not easy to get. Make a self image of always busy so that people will hesitate to disturb you.

So that's it, those are the best ways to have more time, if you can master those 5 techniques then your life will drastically improve and you will notice that you have more time to do more tasks.