January 14, 2016


You think your work is ugly but for others it is beautiful and they really mean it. They are amazed about your work and you will feel flattered because you thought your work is bad. Don't curse your work if you feel that it is not good enough because others might like it. Others will appreciate the beauty of your work, not all people have similar taste. Some people will like your work and some will not so don't lose hope if you think that your work is not good enough.

You will have a chance that other people might like your work if you put time into it, if you put passion, dedication and hardwork into it. Even if you feel that it is ugly, once you pair your work with the things that I mentioned earlier then some people might like it. People will notice if a work is a work that was done in a hurry, most people never appreciate a work that was done in 5 minutes because it is not very appealing and there is no unique energy to be felt in that kind of work.

Always remember that there are Millions of people in the world and they are entitled to express their opinions, some people might like your work and some might not. Don't be afraid that nobody will like your work because if there are haters then there will also be appreciators.

Just feel proud to the work that you did because if you keep on telling everyone that your work is ugly then they will believe it. How can someone appreciate your work if you already judge it and you are not proud of it. Appreciate the effort that you put into your work, appreciate the hardwork and the grind. If you put a lot of time into your work then that is already the deciding factor if it is beautiful or not.