January 18, 2016


You are not great if you don't have a lot of haters. This is real. Great people have bashers, destroyers, backstabbers and any kinds of negative people that is no good to society or for anyone's success.

Look at Lebron James, Floyd "TBE" Mayweather, Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali. These people are great, they are popular but they also have a lot of haters. A lot of people criticize them because those people were insecure of their success and greatness. Even the smallest mistake that they do, even the most possible human mistake that they commit were all criticize you know why? because any action that comes from them matters to the world. A lot of people even haters were following them, haters sometimes maybe hidden admirers because why will they follow someone that they didn't like? They knew all the events that happens to the people that they are hating, even the birthday they knew it.

Embrace hate if you want to become great because if you were easily affected by critics and people who tries to bring you down then you will not be able to focus on the larger things ahead of you. Accept that jealous people will never disappear. It is either they demoralized you or motivate you. It is still up to you. They were only jealous because of your greatness and success. And even if you are not yet successful they will still hate you because you are traveling your journey and they are the ones who cannot even started and pursue greatness on their own.

And one more thing, is there a great inventor, sports icon, celebrity, politician that hasn't been hated? People will never hate an average individual because they are not very interesting. if you have a lot of haters then it means you are catching a lot of attention. It means you are bringing a value to the world. It means that you matter and your works are creating a lot of inspiration.

Don't hate people that hates you, just ignore them because if you give them some attention they will never stop bashing you and you will be the one who will look bad. You will also lose focus, just remember that haters' job is to make you fail, they will do everything to distract you and make you feel bad. Feel blessed if you are being hated because it is a sign that you are doing great, it is a sign that you are challenging the convention and you are here to prove something.