January 07, 2016


Don't be so concerned too much if there is something wrong with your clothes, the way you look, your haircut, work etc. because if that was just a small thing then nobody one will notice it. Only you knows what is wrong with you and no one can find it.

Sometimes you even tell everyone that there is something wrong with you so that you will not get embarrassed once they found it out. You are only worsening the situation. They will not notice what is wrong with you if you don't think about it every second. Just act confident and don't give it any attention.

Nobody knows if you didn't wash your jeans, nobody knows if your haircut is not perfect, nobody knows if your clothes is not ironed. You are the only one who knows it and if you don't want your dirty secret to be exposed just keep quiet, be calm and pretend that you are clean.

Mostly, don't feel uncomfortable, be natural and act as if you are the most clean and presentable person in the world.

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