January 04, 2016


Working hard on fighting with your wife, working hard on gambling, working hard on sleeping, working hard on making excuses, working hard on pleasing people, working hard on screwing your life.

I guess all people are working hard nowadays, the only main question is where are you working hard? Are you working hard on the right things or are you working hard on the wrong things?

You can make your life easy by working hard on the right things and you can make your life very hard by working on the wrong things. Working hard on the wrong things is really fun but not fun in the end. On the other hand, working hard on the right things is not fun at all, sometimes it is stressful but the reward is in the end.

You have to be very careful on which things that you need to work hard. There are some things that you can work hard that has no benefits but are not damaging. For example you can work hard on sweeping the floor, you spend 2 hours doing it. Yes it makes the floor shiny and clean but did it help your career to grow? Did it make your savings bigger? Just do the task but don't take it seriously. Work hard on the things that have benefits.

Spend more time on things that have values not on the things that will just eat your time.

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