January 08, 2016


When you were young you were so confident, nasty and and always trying to succeed in whatever you do but what happened when you grow up? your playfulness has fade, your risk taking attitude is no longer evident. You are very scared of failing. What's worse is you are even scared of trying.

You are still you, it doesn't matter what age you have. You can still be a dreamer, you are still capable of doing big things. There is no difference when you were young and what you are now. You are still the same person, your belly maybe much bigger but your wisdom is wider.

Forget about the bills, forget about the things that can be affected, forget about what people say. You should follow your heart and take chances. Life is so fast you didn't even notice that you already grew up. You didn't even notice that your dreams are dying because of not taking care of it.

Mistakes are part of the journey, when you were young you are not afraid of committing mistakes, you just do what you love to do. You don't see mistakes as a mistake, you just see it as part of the game. But now you area afraid of making one, do mistakes can kill you? Does laughter of people burns your skin?

It is time to become young again, it is time to become brave like a child again. Time is running, when you grow so much older you cannot comeback to feel like a child anymore.

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