January 27, 2016


The most dangerous way of destroying relationships, confidence and goals is believing what you didn't see yet. Most of you already believed what you didn't see yet, you believed in something that hasn't sufficient facts and evidences. You believe in gossips, critics and what most people say even though it hasn't pass your own judgement.

When people say that don't go to that house because there are ghosts in it you easily become afraid and don't want to test it. Even if you have a purpose to visit that house your mind has been poisoned by what people say so you won't go there. How easy it is to fool you, how easy it is to influenced you even if you haven't prove it to yourself that there are really ghosts there.

If someone says your best friend is stabbing you at to your back don't believe it so fast. You need to gather enough evidence if it is really true. You've got to trust your friend and believe him. Truth will be revealed in the end so just relax and never change your treatment at him. It is not that you are looking like stupid if the accusation at him is true and you are not doing anything about it. Whether it is true or not trust him still, you will not regret that you trust him. It is him that will regret his actions in the end if he is really stabbing you because he will lost a friend who is so loyal. If you accused him and fight him without knowing the truth then your friendship will end up in nothing, it will be wasted because of weak judgement and being influenced by others.

Some people say that your opponent is strong, experienced and twice the strength as you so you cannot win against him. Don't ever believe them, it is yourself that you should believe and nothing else. People are overestimating things and they don't know the real strength of an individual. They only say what they feel, they have no facts about your real strength. You don't see your opponent yet and witnessed his real strength, you don't see him react after facing an opponent lie you so don't believe an predictions yet. Look at Rhonda Rousey against Holly Holm, all of the people predicts that Rousey will win even if they didn't see the actual battle yet. Even the people who have a lot of background in MMA, they believe and publicly say that Holm have no chance of winning against Rousey but what happened? Holm dismantled Rousey like a kid in the octagon. All of the people were shocked. They didn't see the fight yet so why make any bold predictions before the fight? It is nonsense to assumed an event that no one has ever witnessed yet. Anything can happen so don't be afraid to take chances.

When someone tries to impress you about his properties such as big houses, fancy cars, expensive shoes, bags etc. Don't ever believe him yet, that person might be just dreaming and just want to make you feel amazed so that he will earn your respect and use you in the future. There are thousands of people who were just dreamers and not doers. Sometimes all those dreamers can do is just dream, talk about their dreams and do nothing about it. They just talked about it to other people and and fool themselves and other people.

Real becomes real if it is witnessed by the naked eyes. What you don't see yet is not real yet until you see it for yourself. You need to wait for the situation to occur to believe that it is real. Always remember that a thing that has no sufficient evidence is not real. You are free to opposed that thing or go the other way. Don't be easily fooled by the things that comes from comments, opinions, predictions and discussions. You have the right to believe the things that will make you feel better and can benefit you. There is no point in believing the things that will only poisoned your mind and will direct you in a negative path.

Always keep in mind that you are free to have your own judgement and you are free to make decisions based on your instincts.