January 08, 2016


It's ok that you are just walking, it is a healthy exercise. It's the exercise for the old people. It will make the flow of your blood better and you will be healthier of course. But walking is just walking, it is just a  maintenance exercise, it won't take you to another level. Your body is just ok, not strong but not weak. If you want to make your body stronger then you should make your heart pump. Do exercises that will make you catch your breathe. Do something that will make you feel alive and not just like a walking zombie. Do some exercises that will make you sweat like a maniac. If you feel that your heart is pumping hard then you will get more health benefits. You will gain more strength than just walking and chilling out as if no improvement is happening.

If you want more money then you should do a work that will make your heart pumps harder. You cannot be just a staff that follows some commands from the higher individuals. You should have a work that will make you scared if you fail because if bigger things are on the line then the rewards are bigger. You should have a work that will give you more excitement to keep going everyday not just an ordinary work that gives you no emotions.

If you are so bored in life and you really want to know what are the things that are possible for you then you should take bigger risks, risks that can make or break you. If the game is on the line you should take the last shot, it is your dream to do it, even if you are not the star player do it, do it with confidence, do it with all your might.

In this world, the things that makes our heart pumps harder are the things that gives bigger rewards. Those things that frightens us and gives us a little difficulty are the ones that will make us feel alive. Dare to be brave, dare to do harder things.

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