January 14, 2016


You are in a sales job and you are selling things that are not even attracted to you, the result is you will not be able to sell a lot. It is because you are not interested on the things that you are holding. You should be very interested on the things that surrounds you so you will live a life in full harmony and synchronicity to your personality. If you are selling cars but you are interested in bike do you think you will sell a lot? of course not, you can only sell a lot if you will learn how to love cars and embrace it.

That is why a lot of people who are doing the job they hate are ineffective, it is not because they are not good enough for the job, it is because they are very bored doing the job. They cannot find the passion while working and all they care about is earning money for paying bills.

Look at those Chinese who are involve in a pre arranged marriage. They married the person that they don't love for the sake of family business. Even though the person that they married is gorgeous and rich, the marriage still fail in the end. It is because from the very start they are not attracted to that person. They were forced to get married to a person that they don't love. The result is conflict, misunderstanding and leads to divorce.

If you will enter a business, a relationship or a job make sure you are attracted from the very start. There should be a spark in your eyes, there should be excitement, that is the sign that you want it. If you are attracted form the very beginning then you will still be attracted in the end.