January 27, 2016


Some people are covering up their mistakes by blaming other people and such circumstances. They blame their teammates, coach, teachers, classmates and other people around them to cover up their mistakes. They transfer the blame to somebody or something so that they will not be pointed as the real person who didn't do well.

The golden rule is you can only blame if you are perfect and if you are not just shut up because blaming will not improve the situation. It will only create tension, fights and misunderstanding. You cannot cover up yourself by blaming somebody because in the end they will still know the truth. The worse is the punishment is even stronger instead of admitting your mistake in the beginning and accept a lighter punishment.

The right way to cover up your mistakes is admit it sincerely and try to fix things. Do your best to improve the situation and make sure you are doing right this time.

There is nothing wrong with admitting your own mistakes even if a lot of people will got angry with you. Admit it but don't become proud of it, don't act like your an authority and it is ok if you commit one. Be responsible and take the necessary actions to correct what is wrong.

Even if a lot of people got angry with you they will still be happy in the end because you did the right thing. Always use the right cover when covering mistakes, again it is by correcting what you did wrong and not by adding wrong to something wrong.