January 25, 2016


I would like to thank all my supporters and followers for following the rugged breed. I appreciate those people who are sending emails and asking me to write articles everyday. Now I know that my purpose of altering human thinking to show them other ideas that will make their lives better and confidence higher is really true.

BUT... I think it is time for you to step up and pursue your goals, you've been reading my articles every now and then now it is time to write your own destiny. Stop reading my blog now and act now! You can come back to my blog anytime you want to, anytime if you need some ideas that will help you on your journey.

You can follow me still but you also need to follow your passion, do something great. Do something that will last for eternity. Do something that your heart is itching to do everyday.

Allow yourself to make mistakes, allow yourself to express yourself. Allow yourself to become scared but still taking the steps for the accomplishments of your goals. Allow yourself to expand and become experimentive. Allow yourself to take risks and give everything you've got.

I understand if you are not yet ready but the questions is when will you be ready? when will you act? when will you go all out? I am not rushing you but I am pushing you to make the FIRST MOVE! Do it NOW!