January 30, 2016


A lot of people in this world are walking dead or lets say they are half dead just to be a little bit nice. What is the point of just following others? do you think you are celebrating your life by doing that? you can follow others if that is part of the progress but you can't follow them your whole life. Your life belongs to you, your dream belongs to you and you are not supposed to become just a particle of someone else's dream. Don't ever let other people use you for their own benefit.

If you are not living your dream, if you are not growing, if you are not living the life you want or at least pursuing the life you want then you are already dead you just don't feel it. If you are working for someone and he is not treating you right then you almost bury yourself while you are still breathing.

Even if you are earning money you are still not living your life, you thought you were moving but the reality is not. You may earn pretty decent money but once those money were gone then you are back to zero again. You will wait fore the next month for your salary and then the cycle never ends. You are in a vicious cycle my friend.

If you are not pursuing your dream and you want to pursue it but you feel like you have no means for pursuing it then you feel like dead, you no longer know the feeling of being alive. It feels like your life is taken away form you and you cannot do anything about it.

Do something to wake up from coma, do something to feel alive again. It is never to late to reclaim your life and shoot for your dreams. You are not born in this world to serve for others your whole life. You must serve your own life and become the master of your on fate.