January 05, 2016


Everyone wants change but they don't know the requirements of it. Change is possible but it is a not a one night process. You cannot change instantly because you have to change gradually in order for the change to become permanent. Some people thought that change can happen instantly that is why they keep on postponing it. They want to change their lives but they believe in the word "tomorrow" they thought that they can change tomorrow so it is better to do the bad habits now because it is the last time they will be doing it and do the good habits tomorrow.

It is funny because they keep on telling themselves "tomorrow I'm gonna do it, tomorrow will be the start of change, tomorrow I will try harder" then the endless tomorrow didn't end and they end up very frustrated. If you really wanted to change there are some requirements that you have to follow, here are they:

1. BE SPECIFIC - most people can't change because they don't know what to change. They say they wanted to change their lives but what part of their lives they wanted to change? If you want to change be specific with it. You can't change your entire life completely. If you want to be healthier what change will you do? Are you going to lose weight, do some exercise or eat healthier? be specific with it. Change one at a time. If you want to change your financial status, what change will you do? Are you going to work harder? spend smarter? you can do everything but you have to be specific with it.

2. ABILITY TO HANDLE DISCOMFORT - lets accept the reality and be realistic. The partner of change is being uncomfortable, if you can't stand being uncomfortable for a very long time then change won't happen. You can change for a few days but you will come back to your old habits again if you can't accept being uncomfortable. CHANGE =  STRESS, I am not scaring you but this is the reality. Nobody has ever change without experiencing stress. If you wanted to change then forget about how you feel. Forget if you feel good or bad, what matters is the change that you want to happen. Feeling negative emotions is part of the process. Feeling bad means change is happening in your system. Be happy if you feel bad because it is a sign of progress.

3. SACRIFICE - What are you willing to sacrifice? this is the biggest question that you should answer if you want to change. Are you willing to sacrifice watching TV in order to have more money? Are you willing to sacrifice eating junk foods in order to have a good body? Are you willing to sacrifice sleeping a lot in order to have more opportunity? The answer is yours, the more you sacrifice, the faster the change will take place.

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