January 26, 2016


A lot of people will doubt your skills if you didn't do your specialty for a VERY long time, they will say that you don't have it anymore, you are not powerful anymore and your fire has cooled down. Even if you are the champion, even if you are the greatest for how many years, once you take an absence they will say that it is hard for you to comeback because you are rusty. Especially when you came back from an injury.

They will place their bets to the new budding star that have won numerous times during your absence. It is normal if people will doubt your greatness because of your longtime absence. The world loves active people and they love what is in craze right now. They are in favor of people who are making noise at the moment.

What they do not know is that rust doesn't exist. I said it to my article before that hiatus will make you rusty but that is hiatus, that is doing nothing.

You maybe absent for a very long time because you need a rest, you need your body to heal and take a step back to figure out what is needed. When your wounds and injuries finally healed you still have time to work hard and get back the strength that was lost in your body.

You will only become rusty if you didn't do anything to get back on perfect shape. Hardwork will remove rust from your system. If you work hard the same before you get injured, if your fire is still there and if your dedication never decreases then being rusty is not applicable to you. Rust will only be felt by those individuals that became lazy. There are even some people who gets rusty even if they are not injured. It is because they are not doing anything, they are not pressuring themselves to get better everyday and be in shape everyday. RUSTINESS is the partner of LAZINESS.