January 01, 2016


Everyone is special but not everyone knows it. Some people thought of themselves as just ordinary individuals without the capability of doing something great. This is sad because they knew that they only have one life but they do not at least try to reach their full potential. They thought that they will die the same person as they were born and they cannot change their lives because for them life is fixed and it is unchangeable.

You are special even if you do not prove something great yet. Why? because every individual think different as others. You can produce an idea that nobody has ever think. You can create something that nobody can create. Your creative genius is different from others. You do not have a clone in this world. You may find someone that speaks, think, move almost identical as you but you still have a lot of difference.

You can produce something that nobody has ever produced. Can you name two great persons that think, move and speak similarly without any difference? Can you name two great persons that has invented or produce the same ideas? I bet you cannot tell me who they are. It is because every great person wants to become unique, every great person wants to produce something that has never seen before.

You cannot become great by just copying some idea 100 percent because your uniqueness will not show on your work if you copy something. You may use some inspiration but do not copy the whole work.

You are so special because nobody can behave the same as yours, nobody can create the same as yours. No one can emulate your uniqueness. Every work that you will do, every movement that you will do has a trademark that only you can produce. People may imitate you but they cannot replace you. They can copy your works, movement but still people will see that they lack something.

Nobody can smile, dress, fart, cry, mess up, lie, commit mistakes, blush the same as you. You have a trademark that was innate and natural.

You are so special, you'll just have to accept it. Accept it without feeling guilt or feeling that you are getting cocky. People will questioned your credibility sometimes if you show your ideas to them. They will mock you, pull you down but if you celebrate your uniqueness, if you use your specialty then in then end you will still prevail.

You are so special because as I have said a while ago any movement, any idea that comes from you that you execute naturally has no duplicate. Don't be afraid to express yourself because your expression has no imitation. You are unique but you destroy your own uniqueness by imitating others and not giving yourself the authority to express yourself. BE THE NUMBER ONE, SHOW THEM WHY YOU ARE SPECIAL.

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