January 27, 2016


Confidence for me is the main ingredient of success. Without confidence even though how talented or how skilled you are you cannot win big time. Confidence is a big word, it has deeper meanings and anyone can have it. Even the most shy person in the world can have confidence, even the dumbest person in the world can have confidence. But confidence is far different from being cocky. Confidence is knowing that you can do something great and can prove it on the other hand, cockiness is just showing off and it is just pure talk. Cocky people didn't prove anything, it is just pure talking and nothing more than that.

Some people were genetically born with oozing confidence while some are not. You are lucky if you are naturally confident but beware because confidence is not permanent. It can diminished or it can increased. Confidence is also a choice but there are still some sources or important contributors to a person's confidence here are they:

1. Hardwork - this is true, the harder you work the more confident you will become. Some people who were not born confident gets their confidence from hardwork. They have a principle that the key to becoming more confident is to master your craft very well. They prepare harder than anybody else. They exert an extra effort to become the best in their field.

2. Past - past is also a big contributor to your confidence, past experiences plays a major role if you are very confident now or not. Our brain remembers a lot of things especially those events that have big impact in our lives. If you have a lot of bad experiences from the past then your confidence is low but if you have a lot of good experiences then your confidence is high. For example if you have a lot of bad experiences in travelling then you may not want to travel anymore but if your past travelling experiences are good then you may want to do it over and over again.

3. Failure/Success - The more success you have then the more confident you will be, the more failure you have then the lesser confidence you have. That is why all winners are confident, they keep on winning and winning and it gives them good feelings. Success is very addictive and because their brain is very used to remembering success, winning is like automatic to them. Their confidence is on a different level and it grows everyday. On the other hand, those who experience a traumatic failure loses their confidence easily. One example is people who were taking bar exams, after failing once or twice they don't want to retake another because they felt that they cannot pass anymore. Their confidence has been destroyed because of the negative emotions that they felt when they fail the exam. Meanwhile, there are also some people who got confident because of numerous failures. It may sound crazy but it is true, because they already knew how it feels to fail, it becomes natural to them, they weren't scared anymore. They felt that they have nothing to lose so they take chances, all the knew is success is the next thing because they already fail a lot of times, failing is not a big deal to them anymore.

4. Environment - This is one of the most important sources where confidence is built. Environment plays a big impact on the size of your confidence. If your environment is very supportive no matter what then your confidence will soar high, you know there will be people who will be on your side everytime you fail. You know that there will be people who will comfort you and help you stand when you fail so you have the confidence to take bigger risks unlike anybody else. If you know that people around you will never leave you no matter what journey you take then your confidence will reach the stratosphere. But if your environment is not supportive and always contradicting your dreams then what do you expect? of course your confidence is below the average. You will be afraid to commit mistakes because you were so afraid that they will get angry. You will feel uninspired because there are no people who will be happy if you succeed. You feel alone and feeling alone creates a lot of fear so there is a tendency in you to just take the safe journey.

Those are just some sources of confidence. You can also create your own confidence through experience and some self development methods. Confidence is one of the biggest key to become successful so it is a must to develop it everyday, the one good thing is anyone can become confident if he puts the effort to become one.