January 18, 2016


Your teammates are scared, they are overwhelmed with pressure and cannot even be themselves, they cannot even move and use their talents. What will you do? are you going to be like them and breakdown? are you going to be a slave of fear and let defeat be your destiny? Go and take control of the game, TAKE CHARGE! be their strength, lead them, give them courage, show them how is it to become brave. Be their source of hope and power. Be the man who is willing to take the blame and praises after the game. Show them the path and lead them how to regain their composure.

Your family business is going down, your brothers and sisters cannot think clearly. Your parents are already weak to guide you. What will you do? TAKE CHARGE! take the lead, think of some strategies, double your effort. Swear to God that you will do everything to make the business strong again. And after swearing you will back it up with relentless effort. Take seminars and learn everything, try something new that will revive your business. Be the savior of your family and carry them on your back.

You should have the ability to take charge when everyone else is crumbling down. You should be stronger when pressure is pressuring you. Be the one who can step up and elevate his own game. Be the one who can make decisions and can stand for his own belief. No one will do this for you so you should do it on your own. Nobody will save your ass and make life better for you. You should take charge, you should control your life!