January 27, 2016


Everybody thought that successful people have complicated lives but the reality is not. Just because you look rich doesn't mean your successful, just because you have three cars that you just get by loaning doesn't mean you're already successful. There are some people who have no cars or houses but they are successful.

What people don't know is success cannot seen by the eyes, success is felt and not seen. Everyone who tasted success knows this. You can have 3 houses and five cars but if you are hunted by the bank everyday to remind you about the loan you made then you are still not successful. Success is freedom, success is not worrying for anything.

A person who is just earning 10000 bucks a month is richer than a person who is earning 6 figures a month but who has tons of debt. Any person can feel that he is rich if he really feels it because he has a financial freedom. Again success is freedom, if you can do a lot of things without worrying then you are successful. If you can spend without worrying if you will have a food on the table for tomorrow then you are successful.

Successful people have simple lives they do not complicate it. They work everyday doing what they love, they have routines, they have small or big goals then they pursue it. They do what they want, they spend their time with the people that they want and they never let themselves caught in a situation where their financial stability will be in jeopardy. When problems show itself they have an immediate remedy because they are always prepared. They do not create problems for themselves, problems such as engaging in a business that they don't like, having multiple loans, socializing with people that look rich and competing with them.

Successful people are bold, they don't move just for the sake of pleasing someone or impressing someone. They know what they truly want and they know their limitations. They know their limitations but they strive to expand everyday. They make sure they improve everyday and they take care of their business very well.

They have routines that they follow everyday to put themselves in a better position. Routines like exercising everyday to become healthy so they can avoid any type of disease. Another routine is they do something that will move them one step closer to their goals. May it be a small or big step they still do it because they believe that time will come for the realization of their goals.

Successful people also have small circle of friends, activities and hobbies. They just associate themselves to people who can contribute to their growth and not people who are pulling them down. They also have lesser activities because they have their own standards of what is fun or not. They don't do something for the sake of being cool or being in trend. They study first what activity should they engage if it is healthy to their lifestyle or not.

They also do not buy a lot of things, broke people when they see buy one take one will immediately fall into the trap even if they do not need it. Successful people will buy things that they really need and will make their lives easier not the things that will give them a burden. They only buy another car or another house if they feel that their money is too much and they need to release some to treat themselves. They do not buy things to impress people.

The conclusion is successful people don't need a lot because they already feel abundant. They don't need multiple cars, houses, friends or business. They continue to expand themselves everyday without putting their lives in a dangerous position. Yes they take risk but it is a calculated risk, they do not take risk just for the sake of looking brave or courageous.