January 18, 2016


Successful people already told you that you are going to succeed so why listen to people that are telling you that you will fail? You've read the books of successful people, it says that anyone can become successful and when they say ANYONE you are one of them. They told you what to do and they even elaborate the steps one by one so why are you following the steps of those people who are bringing you down?

Successful people also wants other people to become successful, they are spreading positive advises, positive words of encouragement and they have the same philosophies in life. It is all about being yourself, hardwork, dedication, discipline, focus. They are not hiding any secrets from you. They are saying the same words over and over again, they are successful and they reach the heights so you cannot argue with them. Follow them, do that they do. They have the right to be followed because they have evidences that they succeed. They have proofs that no one can argue and contradict. They have facts and they never believe in opinions.

Yet there are negative people who are bringing you down, telling you that you won't succeed, telling you that you are just an ordinary person who is no different from them. They are making you weak so why are you still listening to them? Why are you still giving them time? why are they still getting inside of your head? Their job is to make you weak and destroy your soul so you won't succeed. They will feel good if you fail because the will think that they are right and you are wrong.

Only believe to those who are helping you and making you strong. Stop believing people who didn't prove anything yet. Successful people already told you a million times what to do. They already give you hope and advises. Now is the time to execute and fully believe in them, now is the time to replicate their work ethics. Now is the time to succeed and be like them.