January 14, 2016


If you already succeeded in life then it is time for you to maintain and evolve. You should maintain the habits, the business, the work, the people that are there before you became successful. You should only take away the things that slows your success and not the things that contributes.

There are lots of people who became successful and become broke again because they thought that they already have everything they need. They stop doing the things that made them successful, they add people that didn't contribute to their circle and they start slowing down. They change their habits because they thought that they can come back again anytime soon. What they don't know is that if you change your habits then you are in danger. It is very hard to forge and create a strong habit again once it dies so you have to take care of the habits that made you successful to stay in the game.

Be careful of adding people into your circles, some people may help you to become more successful even though they are not doing business with you because they make your life easier and make you feel better. Meanwhile there are some people who do business with you but they are bringing you down. They only care for their gains and not yours. They are like leeches who sucks your strength and then leaves you when you are useless.

Now, here is another scenario: you already succeeded and you are still doing the habits that made you successful, you also keep the people that helps you to become successful but you feel that little by little your success is diminishing. For example you are in a business and little by little your business is falling, you are wondering what went wrong. You keep the habits, keep the people and still you are falling day by day. What you need to do is EVOLVE. You should add something to your routine, you should change your style a little bit. You should make your habits stronger and smarter.

For example, you became successful by waking up at 5 am everyday, you should evolve it a little bit. Maybe you should wake up at least 4:45 am so you can do more or so you can have a more detailed plan about your day. If running for 45 mins a day made you successful then maybe you should make it 50 mins a day and add some more routines like jumping rope or push ups or burpees. You should evolve because success requires evolution. If you are doing the same routine over and over again and is not giving you results then you should add something into it.

If you are in a business of food and you became successful you cannot serve the same food over and over again, you should add something new to your menu. Keep the most successful menu and remove the least ordered menu. You should evolve and bring something new to the table or else you will be left behind by your competitors who are very accustomed to growth.

You should be innovative and you should learn how to adopt to change. Some people who succeeded in life and fail cannot become successful again because they cannot accept change, they cannot accept that what they did before is no longer effective in this world. For you to stay in the game for a very long time you should be willing to change when needed. You should learn how to evolve your habits that are not serving you and keep the ones that are still effective.