January 29, 2016


Checking results every now and then is only delaying your success. It is not contributing to your progress and it makes you stuck a little bit. Checking results will eat a lot of your time. Instead of doing the next step you wonder if there is any improvement to what you are doing or not.

For example if you are building muscles, sometimes you have more time looking in the mirror, looking if your body has improved you have lesser time in lifting weights and doing other drills to improve your body. The same as building abs, you have more time looking in your tummy, measuring it, comparing it to others. You have lesser time doing crunches and situps. You will look at your body for 10 minutes, inspect it, touch it and judge it. If you only use that ten minutes for doing the steps needed then you will have better results.

Another example is making your website popular, you check the stats and number of visits every now and then. You have lesser time in doing the necessary steps to make it standout and interesting. If you will only lessen the checking of stats and increase the number of posts then the results will be different.

In business, you are always checking your profit. You are counting your money every minute and you forgot to take care of your brand, you forgot to take care of your customers and workers. You are so focussed on the profit and you didn't know if there is something else important than counting money. You don't know if there is something wrong with your products, you don't know if some of your employees have issues in the company. There are some other things that are more important than counting money and it is taking care of the people around you.

And one more thing, if you didn't see the results that you are expecting you will become very disappointed and you will lose the appetite to keep going. You will get frustrated and you will even wonder if you need to take a different route or you stay with the course.

If you are so focus on checking the results then you will never get the results that you want. It is simply because you are forgetting the journey and the process to get there. It is the process that is important and not the results. It is the process that will give the results and nothing else.

It is not bad to check the results but don't give too much attention to it, just focus on taking action so you will never lose motivation.