January 28, 2016


People talked about someday they are going to get rich, someday they will become famous, someday they will have this and have that, someday they will buy a big house, someday they will become fit and sexy, someday they will inspire lives but those somedays never come, those somedays became illusions.

The word "SOMEDAY" is not true, it will never come because it is indefinite. To make someday true you should live what you want someday today. You should do what you want to do someday today. What you are doing today will make your someday come true. Don't ever focus on someday because it's just an illusion, it's a dream that you don't ever know if will come true. All you have to focus is today.

Today you should do better, today you should work hard, today you should start. Someday is very far that is why it didn't come. Today is very near and you can do everything you want with it. Someday is just a dream, today is the key to realize that dream.