January 22, 2016


You got scolded by your boss for not reaching the quota today but yesterday he was praising you so much for being the top producer. Don't feel bad, it is normal. Some nights is yours and some nights is not. There are really bad nights, there are really bad days. There is no such thing as forever bliss or forever perfect. You will be disappointed every now and then but you should shift your emotions quickly. Don't get attached to what happened and move on. Move on very fast!!

Last night you score 35 pts and made the winning shot but today you felt that you bring your team down by being scoreless. Don't worry, don't feel sad, as I have said it is normal. No matter how hard you try there will be nights that are bad and you can't figure out what to do. Life is not perfect, you cannot escape bad nights even if you are the greatest player in the world. All you can do is give your best even if things aren't going on your way. If your night is already bad and you are pairing it with mediocre effort, how do you think will your night look after it is over?

Last night you and your partner had an amazing night, very romantic, the sweetness can lead to diabetes but now both of you are mad at each other. What happened? Don't worry, emotions will change but it will go back to normal. Not all nights will be sweet nights, there will be nights that are bitter and sour. What you should do is call it a night and then hope for the best tomorrow. be more romantic tomorrow and ask for forgiveness if you accidentally hurt your partner.

Sometimes you don't understand that after working so hard you still cannot get what you want. There are really bad nights, maybe it is a reminder that life is not perfect and we should appreciate life everyday even if the moment is bad. Every bad nights is still part of your life, once it happened you cannot change it, all you can do is learn from it.