January 31, 2016


Being so loud will take away your focus. Not all but I've seen a lot of people who were trying to become great that were too loud and then they will become silent after a few weeks. What happened? they STOP. I don't know why. Maybe because they exposed what they are doing too much then they got overwhelmed by the comments of people on what they are doing. Maybe they really don't love what they do, they just show it to the people for some reasons to become the "talk of the town" just a little bit.

People who broadcast their new years resolutions where are they now? did their resolutions really come into fruition? did they really get fit, get rich or get better?

If you are really serious about getting better or reaching a certain goal then you don't need to broadcast it to the world but if it is really your personality and it contributes to your fire then go ahead and do it. There are some people that are loud but are still very successful like Floyd Mayweather, Connor Mcgregor and Muhammad Ali. It is because they are really serious in the business. They back up what they are talking about and they really believe what they say.

In my opinion being silent but competitive is a great way to to become great. It takes away the pressure form the expectations of people. People are not guarding every movement that you made so you are very free to do whatever you wanted to do.

People who work hard, who are getting better everyday doesn't need the attention from people, they don't need to show how hard they train. They just do what is needed in order to become great. It is a part of their lives, they have routines, habits that are very consistent. Working hard is nothing new to them. They are gaining progress everyday and people were amazed by their greatness because people don't even know what are they doing.

It is more fun to become silent but competitive. People will get stunned at how great you become, they will question your secret. They will ask advises from you. And mostly, if you are just quiet in what you are doing then you will have less distractors and haters.

People who are too loud, in my opinion are just attention seekers and not goal getters. They are happy if some people are admiring them, they are happy with facebook likes, they feel successful if people were plasticly appreciating them. Their focus was to just please people and not to become really great.